This former boy-bander hasn’t aged as well as he hoped. While we never found him particularly attractive, back in the day, scores of his female fans went to bed dreaming of him every night. But those dreams might now be nightmares, since he secretly wears a toupee. He’s working on his comeback tour and has a full-time hairstylist whose only task is to glue on his wig. He’s terrified of aging so before he takes the stage again he’s scheduled numerous cosmetic procedures, but wrinkles aside, his biggest fear is that his female followers will discover he’s basically bald.



11 thoughts on “HOLLYWOOD WHODUNIT

  1. Keth Urban. But he’s been wearing a wig for over 15 years according to page six.

  2. Has to be an older boy band singer. There are a few articles showing Timberlake with eye bags and more than a few suspect he wears a rug.

  3. BLACK DON’T CRACK !!!!!!!(I’m 70 and look 40.)

  4. I’m sure it is Justin Timberlake but also Ben Affleck and David Beckham are also bald and wear wigs. Why is this a hot topic right now?

  5. I’d say Donnie Wahlburg but he’s already bald.

    I do enjoy his ridiculous overacting in the cop show “Bluebloods”

  6. It is so clearly Justin Timberlake. #teamjanet #teambritney #canceltimberlake

  7. how can this be keith urban he was never in a boy band!! janet love the new format of your site I haven’t been here in many ages but sticking around now!!!!

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