We’re keeping this one anonymous, since we don’t want to jeopardize the police investigation. It’s one of the priciest gated communities in Los Angeles and its residents read like a who’s who of the rich and famous. Despite state of the art security, and homeowners dues OVER  $10,000 a month (!) the neighborhood has been hit with more than a few recent burglaries. One B list but wealthy resident was robbed weeks ago of millions of dollars worth of  jewels and designer handbags. Now some of the celebrity residents (including a pop star and a musical legend) are SO terrified that they’re arming themselves, taking shooting lessons as a GROUP. None of the robberies are being reported because if word got out about the break-ins, house values would plummet.



  1. Montecito isn’t in Los Angeles, it’s a suburb of Santa Barbara!

  2. If someone is getting inside that gated community than it’s an inside job.

  3. Probably Brentwood where serial killer oj simpson lived.

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