This actress is old enough to qualify for AARP, but she CLAIMS her ageless beauty is all due to healthy living and store-bought creams. In fact, she goes out of her way in interview after interview, to DENY she’s ever had Botox or fillers, and credits her wrinkle-free face to genetics and her so-called miracle cream. Well, guess what: liar, liar, her pants are on fire! She and her partner have monthly Botox and filler injections at their Beverly Hills home, shelling out $50,000 to get the wrinkle reducing injections done in private. She wouldn’t dare be seen walking out of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist office so she pays the hefty price for the in-home house call. Luckily, her partner is a gazillionaire so money is no object.




  1. Lying Selma Hayek. She is pulled tighter than a sheet in a five star hotel

  2. This is TOTALLY Selma. If you google Prevention (magazine) or “Selma Hayek plastic surgery” the whole thing pops up. She even says she uses a magnetized wand rather than procedures. She’s also married to François-Henri Pinault who runs a conglomerate that owns Gucci, Stella McCartney, Britni etc. it’s all public domain info.

  3. There’s not a doctor in LA County that would give someone MONTHLY Botox or Fillers. And they also wouldn’t charge $50K for it. This blind item is just full of holes. My source: I used to plan Botox/Filler parties for a Salon. I know multiple people who have Botox and Fillers. My ex used to use concierge doctors in LA because he was scared of doctor’s offices. Y’all just make it up eh?

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