This superstar should be on top of the world since her career and personal life are better than ever, but behind closed doors she’s facing major drama. Her longtime assistant recently quit over a pay dispute and now the scorned ex-employee is threatening to write a juicy tell-all and spill the beans on a shocking secret. The employee DID sign an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement which many celebrities make their staff sign) BUT the courts have questioned the validity of such agreements in cases where sexual abuse is alleged. Our superstar is torn. She doesn’t want to be blackmailed but also desperately wants to hide her personal secret – she’s bisexual and had a fling with the female assistant who quit!


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  1. Sorry to disappoint, but step forward Miss Jennifer Lopez. I always knew she had plenty to hide when she paid off Cris Judd with 19 million. I also always figured as much since her twins from Marc Anthony are mixed, a boy and a girl. Many times proof of insemination and not sex between husband and wife.

  2. Step forward front and center, Miss Jennifer Lopez.

  3. Oh I hope it’s Lopez. I’ve always wondered why she’s a serial monogamist in public fixated on being “married”.

  4. I don’t understand what abuse took place here. It sounds like a consensual relationship between two adults. Is there something missing from the story?

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