This  child star turned comic-strip superhero seemed to have avoided the pitfalls of being famous at a young age. As he grew up, his career flourished and he achieved everything he wanted, including a happy family. BUT appearances can be deceiving. He’s a closet alcoholic and his drinking had gotten so bad that his longtime friends got together to stage an intervention. He wasn’t ready for rehab, but agreed to cut back on the boozing. Unfortunately his semi-sobriety didn’t last long, and he’s now at risk of damaging his kidneys. Loved ones are SO concerned that they’re secretly planning another intervention and this time HOPE he will agree to rehab.



  1. Jerry O’Connell , for sure apparently a vicious irish drunkard.

  2. Try Tobey Maguire, folks! He is seen constantly on the coat tails of BFF, Leonardo DiCaprio following him into every bar across the U.S. and Europe. He is never home with his wife and kids. Tobey and Leonardo had the same agent who molested them early in their careers.

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