In the near future this music man is going to introduce a wealthy widow as his new girlfriend and they’ll start attending red carpet events and industry parties, but she’s ANYTHING but new. She was married to a decades-older billionaire businessman and while she loved him, he did everything for her except turn her on. She and the musician met when hubby hired him to perform at a lavish party, and they’ve carried on a torrid affair for years. Now that the old man is dead, they’re waiting a respectable amount of time before going public. They’re going to say they were fixed up through mutual pals and hope no one realizes WHEN their secret affair actually started.




  1. Stop you idiot…..Rod Stewart is NO WHERE close to being a billionaire. Does your brain actually work?

  2. Bill Maddox you are an idiot and obviously you don’t have a brain and therefore, cannot read. The billionaire is the deceased husband of the widow. I like Lisa’s guess except RM is still alive.

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