In honor of the Mad Men premier Sunday, The NY Daily News dug up some sexist advertisements from the mid-century era of the show. This is just the type of ad that Don Draper would have smirkingly approved. It’s amazing and laughable to look back at how women were held in such low regard in those days. Men ruled then, but soon feminism reared its beautiful head and times are still evolving. Hopefully, Beyonce, who seems to have forgotten the continued need for female equality, will take a close look at this. (Our favorite ad is by Van Heusen, above.)


  1. God, thats sick. My poor mother and aunts! Thank you baby boomers for marching in the rain, laying it out on the line, and not giving up! The first wave and second wave did their job, its up to the third wave now (Gen Xers & Millennials) to continue the good work!

  2. Why didn’t you mention your mother’s name in the post instead of beyonce to depict what was going on in the picture. Ms. magazine was funded by the rock feller foundation an umbrella of the Rothschild’s to separate women from their husbands, tax additional incomes and to encourage latch key kids. Women were always powerful especially as midwives but the newly establish male dominate medical industry forced them out of employment to take over the industry.

  3. In the words of at least one wise man, The Davinci Code. That’s all folks

  4. Feminism and the Pill destroyed society. Discuss amongst yourselves..

  5. she is trying to please white men because they’re difficult to convice of the black power is back, folks.

  6. Hope she spills the hot coffee in his lap.
    Strom: bitter much?

  7. @saul – u have no idea what feminism is all about. u really dont. as for the pill, I doubt this is ur problem. Maybe u need a blue one though?

  8. Pretty funny! Beyonce needs to pull her head out. I think she’s gotten so full of herself that she is just simply clueless.

  9. @Georgie…you’re welcomed. Back in the seventies my husband and I needed a new washer and dryer. We went to an appliance store and picked out what we wanted. I wanted it financed in my name only. I had a job. I was trying to build my credit. The salesman told me that would be impossible because what if I got pregnant and couldn’t pay the bill? I was so stunned I went home and thought about it. I called the store back and told them if I couldn’t get that washer and dryer in my own name my next phone call was to my attorney. I got the account. That is how it was back then. Forget about getting a house in your own name if you were a single woman. You girls have no idea how good you’ve got it now. And we still have a ways to go.

  10. Yes, life was much more simple back then, and Mamie Eisenhower, my idol was the fashion plate of the era. I’ve drawn the blinds and taken to my bed and if things get worse, I will need a fresh supply of claret and valium.

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