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This is a Heidi Klum face we have not seen before. Usually she has a big smile, but come to think of it, we haven’t seen her smile in a long time. She must not be happy with her life right now. Maybe all that yakking her estranged husband Seal did about their divorce rubbed her the wrong way. We bet she’s hoping for a civilized divorce like Katy Perry and Russell Brand, but the fact is, Seal might cost her some big bucks.


  1. She looks rough w/o makeup. Maybe all that time BLACK Seal spent on top of her wore her down!

  2. She can’t be expected to smile all the time. Yes, Seal strikes me as a high maintenance diva so this divorce will probably be dragged out. The worse part is that they will have to split the kids up and go back and forth with them. How sad for the kids especially if he has a bad temper ( he is rumored to have a bad bad temper) with them also.

  3. Bring on Flavio Briatore! He can fix a Formula One race, he can fix this too!

  4. Been absent for a while, but I see strom is still raving about BLACKS (penis envy strom?) and Gerard Vandenburg/forrest gump is still a complete and utter moron. Shocking how things never change.

    As for the dear, wonderful Heidi, I feel for her greatly and know her and Seal loved eachother very much. I’m hoping whatever screwed them up can be fixed and their family be reunited. They were one of the couples in “Hollywood” I always enjoyed following because they truly looked like they were having fun and enjoying eachother’s company. Like the time when she modeled for the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Show and he sang while she walked the runway. The connection and heat between them was palpable!

  5. “Like the time when she modeled for the Victoria’s Secret Angel’s Show and he sang while she walked the runway. The connection and heat between them was palpable!”

    — I saw that, too; and, in fact had not particularly liked either of them before it, but I would swear that was real. They seemed completely in love. I even liked their singing together.

    Have to admit, though, that the chronology of separation statements smells like PR to sell his latest cd.

  6. A delusional statement from an enabler of all things BLACK without a whit of knowledge of how they felt about each other. BLACK Seal certainly felt for Heidi but it was with his hands.

  7. She looks hagarad because she is not getting black cock juice. Flavio can fuck her all he wants but she won’t glow with his fat belly and tiny cock

  8. This race traitor got what she deserved, you should’ve stuck with the WHITE GUYS you dumb ho.

  9. This does not look like Heidi. The nose is too high and pointed and the chin looks different.

  10. No that is Heidi and I believe she is in Germany. But who cares if she looks a little rough this can’t be easy on her. I believe in the beginning it was love and I believe real life got in the way of it. Having four kids so quickly is no piece of cake either. Seal has been known to have a bad temper for years and Heidi is a work-coholic. They tried, they failed and she will pay him a great sum of money. They both love their kids I believe and they will do what is best for them. End of story.

  11. What’s with the support for ole Flavio? He took off when she was pregnant with his daughter, and Seal adopted her and has been raising her. Screw Flavio.

  12. I have never seen the “beauty” in her, looks like a botched nosejob to me. So many of the supermodels have homely faces, such as Gisele Bunchen, I think they photograph different from what they look like in real life.

  13. Denise, you’re so right about the “father” of her first child. A true loser bum if I ever heard of one.

    As for the money split, Seam makes plenty of money of his own and IF they DO go one to really divorce I sincerly doubt he will take a penney of HER income. He’s just not that kind of guy, mark my word and come back later to see I’m right IF they do divorce, which I don’t think will happen. BOTH of them are still wearing their wedding rings, and the intensity and strength of their marraige was one of the strongest Hollywood marraiges ever. That he adopted and loved the first child as his own says so much about him as a man, and they did so much involving their children and not leaving them to nannies to raise. These are two involved parents and I think their love will keep them together and they will work out whatever the problem is not only for the kids but for what they had together that was so special. I’m really routing for them!

  14. I have heard that YES Seal is getting dough from her. Their lifestyle is outrageous, traveling with a family of SIX plus entourage cost MILLIONS YEARLY. He’s basically a ONE HIT WONDER who surfed on that song Kiss From A Rose. Sucks to be Heidi. Relationships based on lust always end with angry husbands cheating, as in this case.

    Also I have heard from MODELS who are FRIENDS OF FRIENDS that Halle Berry’s BABYDADDY whatshisname was CHEATING ON HER, kissing models in public at fashion shows during their relationship. So don’t call Halle crazy if so, she’s crazy like a fox.

  15. To Palermo:

    I could never see why anyone raves over Heidi; there was a pic of her w/o makeup. And she looked worse than ever.

    Also, Gisele Bundchen……She must have known somebody to get where she is today. She is big and gawky and has a huge beezer.

  16. The racist comments on here make me sick. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

    BTW, you cannot judge a book by its cover. A lot of white people have black heritage and a lot of black people have white heritage.

    We are of 1 planet & most of our basic needs (love, understanding, support) are THE SAME.

    And yes, I believe this is all Seal’s PR but his poor wife and kids have to suffer for it.

  17. Heidi should have stayed with Seal. He really loved her.

    Her other relationships sucked.
    She first married a hairstylist in germany, that failed.
    She had a fling with the formula 1 guy and that failed. He didn’t even claim their child, as his. Epic Fail.

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