Now that the Fox series is ending in May, “House“ doc Hugh Laurie, 52, is about to become reacquainted with his family. Since 2004, Hugh has been living for at least nine months a year in Los Angeles while his wife Jo and their 3 children remained in the UK. Several times they considered moving to LA, but the children loved their school and they didn’t know how long the show would survive. After eight years of incredible popularity, daddy became the highest paid actor in a drama, pulling in $700,000 a week. Soon, he’s going home. Hopefully, living apart is not the reason the 23 year marriage has been a success.



  1. Weren’t there whispers of naughty going-ons with him getting drunky? Perhaps I am thinking of a blind item that I thought was him.

  2. I would like to smack him across the face and hard because I could not stand his character on the show.

  3. I’m so glad he is ending his relationship with rubbish American television.

  4. Pippa you are obviously a transplanted unhappy fat girl living in so. California.
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  5. Good for him! He took the best Hollywood had to offer, made bank, and is taking it back home to share with his very patient family.

  6. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to have this type of marraige and have to be seperated for such long periods of time from my mate. It’s no wonder so many marraiges in Tinseltown don’t make it. Your “average” job/career doesn’t require such sacrifices from family. True, they do get paid well, but the price their families pay is much much higher. Those years cannot be replaced, and your little ones are only little once. Both the parents and the children will be sorry to have been kept apart for such lengths of time when they are all grown up.

  7. Used to love the show, but it seemed to jump the shark when they got rid of Kal Penn (seemed symptomatic of an attitude to just throw everything out and bring in random new story arcs in the mistaken belief that that substitutes for creativity and quality)

  8. Also, kudos to Hugh Laurie and his wife for not yanking the kids around to a new country. It can’t have been easy for them; and I think they made the right decisions. Very tough on a marriage and family, though. Money helps (frequent trips etc.), but nothing can substitute for your family.

  9. I can’t stand doctor/mnedical shows,so never watched. However, I read twice that he has severe bouts of depression.

  10. My marriage might have survived had we lived in separate countries for nine months a year. Thanks for the memories, Hugh! Enjoyed House over the years.

  11. The first three years of this show was the best television could offer but then the producers got big heads, tried to change the cast, put into play too many personal story lines and turned the show into crap. Too bad the producers thought they knew best when they really didn’t. It has been five years of a downhill slope every since. The show was successful because House was Sherlock and Wilson was Watson and the patient was the story, not the Doctors. It is a sad end to a once great show. Now watch FX and Son’s of Anarchy for an even better show.

  12. He Came. He saw. He conquered.
    His roles in the Black Adder series are his best work.
    He will miss L.A. in the winters.

  13. I only know him from British shows, where he is a totally different “type”, couldn’t stand the few moments of House where everybody else was an idiot and only he could solve the problems

  14. Not a House fan, so I can’t say I’ll miss it.

    Hey Reta! How are you?

    (Yes Strom I know it’s not a social site, but shouldn’t you be on a gay charter cruise?) ^^^^^^^

  15. At first the lines in the show were really great, like when House said to a patient, “You think you’re more charming that you really are.”

  16. “House” made Hugh Laurie an unlikely sex symbol. Hundreds of thousands of American women swooned over him and wanted him desperately. This has struck hundreds of thousands of loyal British Fry and Laurie fans as uproariously hilarious, of course. Maybe now that Laurie’s going back to Old Blighty, he can ring his old mate and make a Fry and Laurie film. It’d be made of awesome, esp if they incorporated little musical tidbits throughout the film and had that hilarious letters segment here and there too.

    … or maybe Rowan Atkinson can do a “Blackadder” film and Hugh can be one of the co-stars. 😀

  17. He is real good at his craft and…Really funny and rude and amazing? I like is Blunt actions and words that Hurt peoples feelings and…I want to wish him luck in the future.

  18. That paycheck is really fat and to pull that in each week really blows my mind but just think about all the people in the world that really like his show and really love to see each one…Is Funny and really takes you to another level of understanding something new…I am pretty sure the Doctors in the world are watching.

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