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Madonna proved that SHE’S STILL GOT IT at the Superbowl, now it’s Christie Brinkley’s turn to show SHE’S STILL GOT IT at Fashion Week in New York. Supermodel Christie, now an unbelievable 58, rocked a Pamela Roland dress on the runway at the Red Collection.


  1. There clearly is NO contest between Christie and Madonna! Christie is head & shoulders above Madonna. Christie looks feminine and beautiful and Madonna just looks masculine and homely. Polar opposite. Just sayin’

  2. She looks great!

    Are the rumors true that she is really nasty to “the little people?” (e.g. people who can’t get her somewhere)

  3. With all that beauty she must be a lousy lay. Men take her money and fuck other women. So her karma is working for her when it comes to men looking to further themselves off of her.

  4. Her choices in men are horrendous, esp. Billy Joel. She has had major work on her face, including tits.

  5. Hello is correct, if it was one guy you’d say okay, but it was four guys that a pattern.

  6. She is blessed with great genes and great plastic surgery. Unfortunately, she is still nutso.

  7. Such a beautiful woman. She has aged nicely with great genes and excellent medical help. Nothing wrong with that.

    I was a fan for many years until I read some things (interviews) in recent years and was not impressed with her personality at all.

  8. WOW. She is my ultimate girl-crush—even if she is dumber than a pair of shoes.

    Patrick, I will share her—as long as you agree to give up the virgin Canadian Bootay. 😀

  9. Miss Nice, Mommy always told me it would hurt. I still believe her.
    You’ll have to beat me to the ground for that. I haven’t lost a good scrap yet. But you can try. Chances are you’ll wind up in a bear hug, gettin kissed till you cry.

  10. She looks better now than she has looked in awhile, not that long ago she was way too thin and haggard. Of course she’s had plastic surgery.

  11. She is aging a lot better than Madonna. Poor Madonna has granny hands and limbs to cover and a face with way to many fillers.

  12. Since she lives in the la-te-da Hamptons, she probably goes to parties and lives it up along with the other mega-rich who live there.

    BTW, I read an article about the Hamptons which said they have parties, swaps, drugs, booze, over-the-top get togethers that would make the ordinary person’s head spin.

  13. Exquisite picture of a stunning woman. She and Heidi Klum really have it, and I love BOTH of their personalities as they are sweet, kind, funny, and quick on the draw.

    Again, I’m always surprised by the negative comments against a person like this. Indy, you always seem to lead the pack with those and I thought you professed to be “Christian”. Isn’t tearing down another person, let alone one you don’t even KNOW personally, a no-no? Doesn’t the Bible have lots of sayings like “Love you neighbor as yourself” and other things about being nasty to others? I find your comments odd in that regard as you seem to throw out your teachings selectively. WWJD?

  14. Too bad Christie doesn’t qualify to attend one of my Gay Charter Cruises with a personal tour of hot spots.

  15. The only thing Madonna ‘has’ is a contract with the Devil. This evil woman (MDNA) will burn for all eternity.

  16. BTW, I read an article about the Hamptons which said they have parties, swaps, drugs, booze, over-the-top get togethers that would make the ordinary person’s head spin.

    ….there is nothing ordinary about you Indy

    ~ thank god

  17. She is so beautiful. Wish she could find a good guy.Seems very loving, just to trusting with bad guys.

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