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Heroes‘ cute cheerleader Hayden Panettiere is such a fixture at Hollywood clubs (like Les Deux above) that it’s hard to believe it will be THREE more years before she can drink legally. She hates it when people compare her to Lindsay Lohan, but sometimes it’s understandable.

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  1. Janet, nice to see your up late working. For some reason all the other hot sites are posting new stories right now also.
    As far as this chick, she has achieved nothing so far. She is a whore in trainning. She is F’n a 24 yr old and her parents seem fine with it. So you know they are disfunctional. This girl is not that cute, has fat arms, short stumpy legs, wide hips. She will be a never -was, drunk, coke head by 22, mark my words.

  2. Okay, let me get this straight…she is 17 and she is at clubs:
    First, where the hell are her parents?
    Second, where the hell is the Alcohol Beverage Control Board and the Police? No minors allowed at those clubs, whether they are served or not. She is just a television actor God’s sake, WTF?????

  3. the clubs really don’t care anymore…if’n your a celeb’ the laws don’t mean you. sad.

  4. no, she’s not cute.
    these girls won’t stay home because no one takes their photograph when they stay home.
    they NEED to be seen and photographed

  5. btw- her bf is a criminal who is bangin an underage girl. She is 17 he is 24. That is against the law. He has probably committed several felonies. Her parents don’t seem to mind.

  6. Listen, if this girl has too much spare time it all will definitely go wrong. It’s partly because of such a period of “doing nothing” when things start to go wrong. Because you are young & restless and having alot of unanswered questions in life(you’re just very young). All that energy has to go somewhere. The best thing is sporting as hell. You are so tired after it, you’re almost to tired for SHITTING!! If you don’t like sporting, there is something like HELPING OTHERS!! O.K. now, it doen’t pay but the feeling you get from it is unpricable. Although, the easiest thing to do is go spending money on clothing, gadgets and stuff go to all nightclubs and bars where everybody says: oooh you’re the best!!you’re sooooooo beautifull and amaaaaaaaaaaazing!!
    On the other hand: when you’re helping other who are not as lucky as you, PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER YOU!!

  7. Another disaster in the making. Why don’t these girls’ parents act like parents instead of paid hangers on. Sick. They’ll basically sacrifice their children for their own misguided dreams. Sick.

  8. she so does not have fat arms, peoples mean ass comments like that are the reason all these girls have so many problems

  9. “Why don’t these girls’ parents act like parents instead of paid hangers on.”
    Because the parents are disfunctional. They get “drunk” on the attention & possibility of money and fame. These loose sight of what’s right for the child. Soon the child becomes the parent(because of the money & wealth). That’s when the shit goes downhill fast.

  10. honestly almost every single teenage girl out there go out to parties and drink. it’s not unusual and doesnt mean she will end up in rehab. i am not really seeing this girl as a future Lindsay. and i dont like her, she looks quite ordinary and doesnt seem to have much of a personality. no x factor.

  11. She’s LiLoLight.
    They’re saving a room at Promises or Wonderland for her even as we speak.
    PS Her mother is a carbon copy of crack-ho Dina Lohan.

  12. I still can’t believe she’s under 18. Her face looks like its 35. Weird.

  13. I don’t see the harm in this tbh – she’s not the first underage celeb to go clubbing and it’s not the first or the last time the LA authorities turn a blind eye to this sort of thing…
    The problem starts when all the vultures and hangers on start appearing. She needs to watch her back and be careful. Hayden will be fine as long as she stays away from the drugs.
    Hayden’s everywhere at the moment; i have a feeling that she tips of the paps sometimes – hope not 🙁

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