When you’re Gwen Stefani, you get invited to all the best places. Luck Gwen and her family visited Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich on his famous 300 million dollar yacht in Cannes. The 115 ft yacht is the world’s largest privately owned ship and is called a “sea mansion.” One thing Gwen and Gavin and Zuma and Kingston don’t have to worry about is security when they’re with Abramovich – he has a security staff (personal army) of 40 people.

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  1. Is that the same boat that was parked off the coast of Malibu a few months ago? It’s ginormous.

  2. They always seem happy as a family unit. Plus, they seem to really enjoy their children. They are such a handsome couple. Hope the couple are truly happy. I keep thinking of how he use to have an ugly boyfriend (Marilyn aka Peter Robinson) for five years in the 1980’s. Oh well, Gwen is just gorgeous.

  3. 2 questions..Who is this “Roman Abramovich”? And how to do I become friends with him?


  4. I saw that thing off of Vancouver in English Bay.
    The stern opens up and a forty foot sailboat and twenty seven foot type speed boat come out, etc. Same colour as the hull on the ship so when the other boats are alongside the mothership they are hard to see.
    This ship is a trip!
    So are the drivers!!
    These guys are what Scientologists aspire to be.

  5. @ Muffin Top:
    Vodka and grapefruit juice smoothies are served with this comment!!
    Roman is considered to be the 9th richest person in Russia, and the 53rd Richest Person in the World. He is 44 years old, married and divorced twice and the father of 6 children, with the estimated net worth (according to Forbes) of 13.4 Billion!!
    Talk to him about anything other than his wealth!!

  6. Leo, vodka grapefruit shaken is on the menu.

  7. @ Patrick:
    Believe it or Not,I was just getting ready to sound off about that remarkable display of mental delicacies that you mentioned on the Star and her Chef site. Walt Cliff had already taken over my taste buds with his blackberry cobbler and Vanilla Ice Cream, and then I read about your menu. Paula Deen and Iron Chef of America would be put to shame trying to keep up with your ideas on “the cooking network.” These stars and wanna be stars *ain’t got Nothing going on in comparison to our little pen pals station!!

  8. Food glorious food!
    Hot sausage and mustard.
    Grade seven, Christmas play.

  9. Yeah.
    The guy doesn’t like to talk business.
    I don’t wanna say too much Janet.
    Maybe I’ll just shut the fuck up.

  10. is the main reason they will be JOB-and HOMELESS by next week.

  11. Hm, what does one discuss with a billionaire who doesn’t like to talk about his business? His numerous children and failed marriages? Sports? Who will win Celebrity Apprentice?

  12. Roman Abramovich’s yacht isn’t 115 feet long, it’s 115 meters long or 377 feet.
    But that’s not the one that’s here. This one is 170 meters long or 560 feet long. That’s the one that cost $300 million!

  13. i’m so shocked that you people are not complaining about someone spending excessively on material goods?!!

  14. Thanks Leo for the “Vodka and grapefruit juice smoothie” it sounds great. Oh yeah, and the back story for this Roman Abramovich fella?

  15. “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime,” as the saying goes…

    Interesting bit of trivia; At its “peak” some 50% of the wealth of the entire Soviet Union was in the hands of just 10% of the population.

    Currently in the US: Near 40% of US wealth owned by “top” 10 percent.

    It’s one of the proven signifiers of a country headed for an inevitable collapse.

    When it all went to shit in the former USSR, a few lucky crooks like Abramovich were there to loot the joint.

    He’s probably a hero to George Soros (and other plutocrats)—who have probably jacked off to pictures of that ridiculous boat.

    Any questions? 🙂

  16. Oh—and we can reasonably infer that Abramovich made an “indecent proposal” to Gwen for the purchase of her husband’s ass.

  17. Leo & Patrick,
    I’d like to put my order in for an oversized glass (because I am a thristy pig) of Vodka and grapefruit juice smoothie and Patrick’s Lobster Thermidor.

  18. What a douchebags!To:British Teeth- right on!Bwaahaha!

  19. Gavin has admitted to numerous gay affairs in the past. Does that mean he is always queer or is this just a sham marriage or what. I’m sure Gwen (who for some unknown reason I can’t stand) knows about it. He really does look feminine.

  20. By all indications, Gavin is a bit scandalous and Gwen evidently loves him and accepts his past. It is my understanding that he has a daughter about 21 years old that he was “godfather” to, and only found out a few years ago that the young lady is “indeed his own
    daughter” from a previous relationship with his “god daughter’s mother.” Talk about your past catching up with you!!

  21. They EACH accept *one another’s* pasts… and that’s why the marriage has been successful to date. Truth be told, Gwen is far from the wronged housewife she’s been portrayed to be. It works for them, so more power to ’em, I say.

  22. Who gives a shit who either of these two screws, or if anyone is gay or not? I don’t get this sites seeming obscession with who other choose to screw!

    The only problem I have with these pictures is the two young boys not having LIFEVESTS on! What the holy hell is wrong with those people on that boat? They are obviously on the small boat that takes them to the yacht.

  23. The little boy whose hair has been bleached—presumably by his poseur mother—that one?

  24. Your facts are wrong, this yacht is 557-foot not 113 feet.

  25. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Who are you going to pick on know? It looks like your ready to kick off more then 1 person at a time off the show..MasterChef Chefs cook way better then Hells kitchen try out...Right! People always say..I can do Be says:

    Lucky wonderful lady…First thing first Gwen your so very Beautiful for one and…Your Husband is so Handsome and attractive and also…Your children are Beautiful as well and your whole family is wonderful looking and I am glad you got away with your family and friends and people you care about.

  26. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Who are you going to pick on know? It looks like your ready to kick off more then 1 person at a time off the show..MasterChef Chefs cook way better then Hells kitchen try out...Right! People always say..I can do Be says:

    Feeling Secure and safe and at ease is what every one needs and it looked like a wonderful outstanding day and every thing look like it was smooth sailing and it must had been fantastic and fun and that is great for you and your husband to take a break and just go out on the water in the Blue Sails and just look at everything above and just feel warm and safe.

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