Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate Hudson showed up during Paris Fashion Week to congratulate Donatella Versace on her new collection, and maybe get some free samples. Kate is wearing a very amusing Versace design with abstract cutouts. Donatella is rocking the extreme bellbottoms and together they make Goldie look just a little dowdy. Goldie is one of those good looking women in Hollywood of a certain age that can’t land a job. She hasn’t made a movie for 13 years and we miss her.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. i still love goldie in Pvt Benjamin
    the scene in the bathroom with albert brooks
    when he is trying to have sex with her and he says,
    “Move your back leg……” ( ‘i don’t have A back leg’) HILARIOUS……GREAT MOVIE.

  2. ‘tella has plastered over that wrinkled face for this picture. Do you think she is doing Goldie or Kate after the show?

  3. Goldie Hawn is great. A true original. Kate Hudson not so much.

    Would love Goldie back in the movies.

  4. Goldie looks just marvelous (better then her daughter in THIS picture). My god, she’s pushing 70 and Donatella is not even in her 60’s yet. Doesn’t D look like a burn victim?

  5. I never thought Kate Hudson was good-looking in any way, shape, form, or fashion. Goldie looks way better, course she is having to keep up the boxtox and other procedures on a regular basis. Hey, Donatella can give her plenty of advice. LOL

  6. Goldie needs to cover up those knees. Donatella looks horrendous for an Italian woman.

  7. Goldie and Kate are extremely overrated. Goldie at least still has an ounce of talent compared to her Dumbo eared daughter

  8. I don’t understand why older women refuse to wear stockings to help the look of their legs. Kate’s dress looks like somebody took some scissors to it!

  9. Goldie is well past the age when she should bare her legs without cover. Very sheer black hose would have completed that outfit and given her legs the appearance of shape.

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