Emmy winning Fame choreographer Debbie Allen was honored as Woman of the Year at the Nevada Ballet Theater Gala this weekend and she showed up looking like THIS at the social event of the year! Did Debbie think that because she’s in Las Vegas she should dress like Holly Madison? These necklines cut down to the waist are not flattering and certainly in questionable taste. Burn this dress, Debbie.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Like J lo who made these famous, most women look terrible in them. Her ghetto side is showing.

  2. Part of the problem is the stylists that get paid a lot of money to promote certain clothes tell her how fabulous she looks. But she looks worse than if she had worn a mu mu or a Michelle Obama African Zulu dress

  3. Someone needs to explain gravity to her & how when one ages, it’s not your friend.

  4. Anyone that’s seen her atrocious choreography, knows she lost her mind decades ago.

  5. Wow she might look like a bit of a fool, but you bitches here make her pale compared to your racist white supremacist mean and vicious statements. Herpes spread by black woman? What an ignorant comment, and what does that have to do with Debbie not knowing how to dress? Why not start your forum of how to hate a back woman? You’ve all shown your colors here and they are black and white like the Nazi flag!

  6. Lady in Black: “you all”? Way to judge every single commenter on the site.

    Debbie is at least 40 years past the time that dress would look good on her. Even Jennifer Anniston looked awful in that low cleavage pantsuit the other day. Gravity is not kind.

  7. I don’t understand why women of any race or any age want to show so much of their bodies.

  8. There are plenty of train wreck woman in Hollywood that wear clothes that are completely inappropriate for their age. Fact is, they look silly yet wealth keeps many an opinion to one’s self. If you happen to be offended by my previous statement, get over it! Debbie may have saggy tits and have no business in that dress, but some…note…some of you are vicious racist, ratchet bitches and you know it!

  9. And some others are enablers of all things ghetto….you can’t help it as we have a President who promotes it.

    Debbie is no prize in looks or smarts!

  10. shes always been in touch with her inner hoochie.

    but she doesnt get that she aint 22 years of age anymore.

  11. Lady in Black.

    These trolls have loitered on this message board for YEARS.

    The funny thing is I think its the same freak whos arguing with himself all these years.

    if I see a certain name posted, I know not to read their comment.

    they never have and never will have anything interesting or even amusing to say about ANYTHING.

  12. This is in regard to wearing super low cut down to there necklines.


    And that includes JLo, Jen Aniston, Debbie Allen or whoever thinks this looks sexy. It looks slutty and makes one wonder how much tape is needed to keep the nipples covered. Unflattering and laughable.

  13. Dear Lady in Black,

    All those racist comments come from strom who goes under many names. It’s generally just him/her. It has many many names under which it posts the same crap over and over.

    strom, xyz, deecee, mostly female names

  14. Lady in Black.
    You will just feel unclean and depressed reading the(ratchet bitch, good one!} creatures comments.
    This used to be a fun site.

  15. Although the truth is hard for some to understand: Is the CDC racist when they report that over 50% of BLACK women have and spread herpes!

  16. I wish Janet would block all the racist comments. I just usually laugh at the incredible ignorance of them all. They are coming from someone that is on mission to make black folks look bad, because something very big is wrong with that inside person…I hope any black person that comes here realizes that not everyone here is a racist and the person that posts with many names is ill, and need real help.

  17. Maybe you missed history class and was busy practicing Ebonics.

    By Lady in Black
    On January 26, 2015 at

    You’ve all shown your colors here and they are black and white like the Nazi flag!

  18. What is amazing is that the deniers of all things ghetto will not say…..Yes herpes is a plague among Black women and we should work to overcome it. Instead they deny or go ghetto and challenge the source.

    Doesn’t do a thing to address the problem. But that doesn’t matter in the Obama world.

  19. Think Janet got it wrong.

    Debbie was not honored at the Nevada Ballet Theater Gala, it obviously was at the SAG awards.

  20. Please, ladies, after a certain age, a good foundation garment is your best friend and it will take years off your appearance!

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