Every gay guy in Hollywood already knows this hunkalicious actor prefers men, but he’s being gagged by his managerial team, and NOT allowed to admit it! He’d LOVE to come out of the closet! He HATES doing those interviews that always focus on his mysterious love life. But he’s a leading man type and there’s too much money riding on his sex appeal to women and macho identity to men! He’s featured on a popular TV series that shoots far from Hollywood. While he’s on location, our hunk openly lives with his boyfriend . Setsiders aren’t inclined to gossip about him because they want to keep the show on the air. They fear a gay star might turn off viewers of both sexes. But it leaves our gorgeous actor feeling miserable and awkward. He’s not enjoying his success.

53 thoughts on “GAGGED

  1. according with perez hilton janet is right: wentworth miller

  2. Lying biatch. I bet u wrote the blind item just to feed the gay bullshit around WM. For my part i would rather believe the words out of Wentworth’s mouth then some dumbass tryhard trying to leech into WM successful status

  3. Who cares? I mean, really. How can people get all bent out of shape (no pun intended) about this? You are never going to have him, gay or straight. And being rumored to be gay is not an insult, any more than his being part Black is!!

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