We haven’t thought about Alain Delon for decades, but we were reminded by The Huffington Post that Delon celebrated his 75th birthday on November 8. During the 60’s and 70’s Delon was the French version of Johnny Depp. Not only was he drop dead gorgeous, but he had great European style. Envious men everywhere used to insist he was gay, but his many affairs and marriages and children cast doubt on that notion. We do recall seeing him sitting in a cafe at the height of his fame and we were stunned by his extravagant beauty.

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  1. Oh, it is so adorable when ladies of “a certain age”, as the French would say, discover an old relic from their youth and then ooooo and ahhhhh over it, and expect us all to join in.

  2. I grew up in Europe and this man was an icon. You don’t have to be ‘of certain age’ dear Sebastian Canada to know some classic euro cinema and appreciate Alain’s indisputable beauty and talent.

  3. wim, you on the other hand… no matter what age no one will give a crap at your b-day

  4. Haha! At the “certain age” of seven I already had a HUGE crush on Alain Delon. I blame it on Le Samourai, where he has what, 20 lines of dialogue! Fast forward twenty years, and I’d still take him over Leonardo, Robert P and Brad Pitt lumped together!

  5. judging by that photo, he sure was hot back in the day and the recent photo shows he looks alright for his age

  6. In the picture from his youth, he reminds me a lot more of Zac Efron than Johnny Depp.

  7. WOW! He’s still gorgeous–and sexy as hell! Joyeux anniversaire à vous, Monsieur Delon!

  8. I think the young Delon looks quite a bit like Zac Efron, who is going to be the big star of all the current teen heartthrobs.

  9. They say men can be lead by the nose by a beautiful woman, but the comments here prove women are far worse.

    If Hitler had had blonde streaks in his hair, and a rather fey look, the world might be a very different and frightening place.

  10. Oh he does look like the “positive” version of French man scoundrel. He aged quited nicely. How can we get our men to mature nicely without giving them the keys to the whorehouse? I’m thinking France might have a better handle on this than America……but I doubt it.

  11. He is much more attractive now. In his youth he looked like typical teen idol material. He was certainly not your typical French actor — they tended to me more macho looking, and steamy-sexy rather than pretty.

    Gay or not, he must have been constantly bothered by pederasts.

  12. OOooooH – he is my favorite actor of all time! I have collected every single one of his movies. The best (pou moi) is L’Eclisse with Monica Vitti. Check out Youtube for his one American talk show appearance and see what real cool is all about. Women all over the world have been swooning for decades but Americans under the age of forty five have no clue.

  13. SebastianCanada, you ought to get a grip. Your disdain for “women of a certain age” admiring a man “of a certain age” is almost amusing, but not quite.

    Why don’t you go curling, play a little hockey and then have a Molson’s with a maple syrup chaser, eh?

    Oh yes, and lose the Hitler obsession. It’s getting old. Do that, and I’ll knock off the Canadian stereotyping.

    Sign me: A Woman of a Certain Age Who Thinks Delon is Good Looking and Does Not Like Hitler Comparisons

  14. how very zac efron…guess we’ll see if ze ages as well as alain delon.

  15. He did look like Zac Efron,but he was much hotter and he is aging well.I guess thanks to plastic surgeries because a while back Delon looked really old,now he looks kinda fresher.

  16. In case Alain is between jobs or needs some cash, here is the perfect thing for him:

    A high-class cruise line would be happy to hire him to dance and romance the old rich bitches that mostly go on cruises. After about a year though when all the love-starved old hotties get through with him, he won’t look nuttin’ like his picture, he’ll be an old old man, his back will be broken and…HE WILL NEVER EVER WANT TO EAT A PRUNE AGAIN. tee hee

  17. Indy, it’s NOT funny when you are the only one laughing at your jokes. Got the hint?

  18. @aeduko, LOL!!! That is a hoot. Threatening to continue stereo-typing of Canadians if I do not knock of my schtick would be a bit like kidnapping Charlie Sheen, and telling his father he is never getting him back. The likely response: OkiiDokii!

    Anyway, my joke was not about women of a certain age admiring a man of the same, but of those women getting all hot and bothered all over again about a bit of queer-bait from their youth. Still, I supposed it is good to get the juices flowing once in a while — just to be sure you can — whatever the method.

  19. Btw, Queer-bate: a young male — not necessarily gay himself — who is excessively fay and/or pretty, and likely to attract the attention of gay men. See also: Twink.

  20. Canadians are arrogant assholes. Pay them no mind, they lack a culture so they have to shit all over America’s to feel good about themselves.

  21. MEG: How lovely of you to attack me for no apparent reason. You must be a sour-puss professor in the school of Cyber-misery. Go drink 21 ounces of lemon juice.

    The same goes for aeduko and Dubya who dissed SEBASTIANCANADA. I happen to like Canada, the Falls, and most everything about it, except their fish and chips are always greasy.

  22. He sure was/is a beauty. “Plein Soleil” (Purple Noon) was the movie upon which “The Talented Mr. Ripley” was based—both inspired by the Patricia Highsmith novel. One of Delon’s very best films in a long and illustrious career.

    (Zach Efron may resemble him, but even at 70+ Alain would run rings around him—acting and charisma-wise.)

  23. Dubya, that is so hilarous. You must be a Canadian troll pulling a funny.

  24. He is gay Janet. I just read he got a bj from a guy at Expressions bookstore on the East Side a few weeks ago.

  25. But Barkley, He is MARRIED, and has CHILDREN!!! LOL!!!!!!

  26. Why won’t females learn this about teen idols and heart-throbs: Boys who are pretty as girls like other boys who are as pretty as girls. Except when they like Daddies and Bears.

  27. This is exactly why I love this Janet’s website. She throws us in the older crowd a bone randomly and it is always something wonderful. The stars of the decades pass are very much alive in my heart. I remember the ladies swooning over Alain Deflon as well as a few men. lol I also remember him singing and doing a fine job as well. I hope he has good health and is with us for many years.

  28. The man has aged very gracefully, he doesn’t look his age more like early 60’s.

  29. Rob Lowe and Efron are a far-cry from Delon,in all ways.

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