Fergie has dropped seventeen pounds in the past year and she’s often seen drinking or carrying around bottles of Skinny Water (above.) She credited the water for helping curb her appetite and increase her energy without added calories. Needless to say, the Skinny Water people were THRILLED and immediately made her an offer to appear in their print ads and billboards. Fergie knows that Jennifer Aniston makes millions as spokesperson for smartwater, so she’s not adverse to the idea. They’re negotiating a deal now.

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  1. Hate her smirking homely face and crappy songs and colorless singing voice. She’s no Linda Ronstadt, not in the same ballpark.

  2. Nothing like your husband cheating with a stripper, to help you get motivated & lose weight.

  3. Her headphones crack me up. Who wears those, except on an airplane? They make nice lil’ ear buds now so you don’t look like an idiot!

  4. To #1 Barkley: Agree 100% percent. All I have heard her sing was some idiot song called “Boom boom boom”……horrible song and horrible voice. And why did she give Duhamel such a HUGE pass when he cheated? Could she be doing the same thing, as she is always on the road. Booo, go away.

  5. I wear headphones with my walkman – better sound experience and I can’t stand those stupid little things in my ears.

  6. why is it there isn’t a country on this globe where so many people are FAT & LAZY?

  7. To Li’l Off B’way: And that idiot Slash was praising Fergie’s singing in The Post last Sunday and saying what a bitch Cher was when she used to come into his mom’s clothing store. Said she was demanding and rude! I’ve never heard any reports that Cher was rude and bitchy before.

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