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If you can’t trust the Amish – who CAN you trust? TLC’s new hit show “Breaking Amish” is our current favorite and with three million viewers, has better ratings than Honey Boo Boo. But apparently the naïve Amish and Mennonite young people on the show were not 100% honest with producers. Once character on the show has not only lived outside the community before, but has been married with two children, and divorced, according to the New York Daily News. Cast members were investigated as carefully as possible, but the Amish and Mennonites aren’t as fussy about record-keeping as mainstream society. An insider revealed that the issue will be dealt with in an up coming episode. Episode 3 of 10 airs Sunday.

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  1. There’s even a Facebook page now pointing out all of the lies re: the cast. The cast member you mention has THREE children, not two, is divorced, and has been out of the Amish community for 14 years! Two of the other cast members have a baby together, although they initially claimed they didn’t know one another ’til the show began, and another cast member has several modeling photos… and a DUI to her credit. TLC apparently did NO vetting at all. Given the fact that its producers are probably not paid well, and probably don’t have the journalistic skills to properly vet, this doesn’t surprise me at all. At least w/ Honey Boo Boo, what you get is what you get–and pretty much close to what the family is really like. http://www.facebook.com/BreakingAmishTheTruth

  2. I have no respect for these people, especially after I read it is or was common for the parents to have all the children’s teeth pulled so they didn’t have to pay for dental care. Sickening!

  3. How do you know if the producers didn’t place an ad for actors to play as amish actors for te lie vision?

  4. No herpes in the Amish! Mennonites are very hard workers and successful…they don’t ask govt. for handouts.

    They would be good role models for the BLACK race!

  5. Just look the other way on that propensity for big ears in the Amish community, Strom.

  6. If the Amish were: placed in chains, forced on a ship, some were thrown out to the sea. Were sold and traded soon they arrived to the new land. Inoculated, yet masters raped the women for fun, pleasure, disgust, and profit. Black men lynch for fun, pleasure, disgust, and hatred. Black men escaping the lynch mob thereby leaving a family and wife. Then black men were told to fight in a war to be free. Emancipated for a little bit but invisible chain was later placed for Jim crow laws. Then pump the men with diseases to kill them off. Receive low to little education because of Jim Crow. Can’t make a living because stifled by jim crows laws until 1960.
    If the Amish were subjected to these conditions then I could see them a role model for blacks.

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