Birthdays after forty are never easy, but Eddie Murphy woke up to a double whammy today. Not only did he turn 46, but he might have become a father again, against his will. Eddie’s exgirlfriend Melanie Brown gave birth to a baby girl in Santa Monica just after midnight. She claims Eddie is the father, but Eddie isn’t so sure – he wants a DNA test. The baby hasn’t been named yet – maybe Mel is waiting to see if Eddie has a change of heart and comes to visit them. We think it’s an amazing coincidence that the baby was born on Eddie’s birthday. DNA rules.

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  1. do a dna test than your worries will be over EDDIE. love ya man.

  2. Go for the test, Eddie. You might as well find out right now what has gone down. And Happy Birthday, you ROCKED in Dreamgirls. Should’ve gotten the Oscar, too!

  3. Possibly fathering a child against his will?
    Unless, he was raped and his semen was forcibly extracted from him, fathering a child against his will did not happen.
    As a newly divorced, father of 6, Murphy who is a 46 year old and not a 26 year old, ought to taken more care to avoid an “accident”.

  4. Oh please that whole “relationship” is a sham. The turkey baster did it. Look at his gayface – no way is he banging any bio chicks!!

  5. Loser.
    Stomped out of the Oscars when he lost.

  6. eddie is not perfect just human with alot of money and fame

  7. eddie murphy is a moron. he went on a dutch tv show and declared he did not want this child. When she grows up, that’s what she’ll read about her dad, that he publicly repudiated her before she was even born.
    way to go, idiot.
    the least he could’ve done was to keep his mouth shut until after the dna test.
    go mel! lucky she lives in a society where the dad can also be discarded, otherwise she and the baby would eb i big trouble right now.

  8. If it’s your child, be a man and be a father!
    Melanie didn’t do this alone–you were there,too.

  9. Where’s his beard Tracy Edmounds……we all know that is an “act”

  10. Eddie why Eddie you must do something keep it in the pants dear.

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