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David Spade parked in the Taco Bell lot yesterday on Beverly Blvd and walked past a homeless man on his way into the restaurant. Suddenly his noticed a photographer aiming at him and stopped in his tracks. He slyly announced “Oh, I guess this is where I give the homeless guy some money. I’ll pretend I don’t see the camera – just like George Clooney does.” He pulled out a wad of money and peeled off a ten dollar bill for the grateful guy. Mission accomplished: the photographer was happy, the raggedy guy was happy, and David looks like Mr Nice Guy.

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  1. thanks dave for your kindness you are a great actor and funny too.

  2. Publicity stunt for an out-of-work, overweight, not very funny, used-to-be-somebody actor.
    I think Spade needs the $10 more.

  3. No one made me God, you idiot.
    I am expressing an opinion.
    He’s a talentless hack, not a “cool dude.”
    “Cool dude?”
    What are you, twelve?.

  4. That guy sure doesn’t look “raggedy” to me! He looks cleaner than some of the “stars”. In fact, when I first saw him, I thought he was posing with Ozzie Guillen of the Chicago White Sox.

  5. trolling again margo i guess you cannot be nice i am not twelve alot smarter than you sissy dave is a great guy i bet you don’t have a kind heart to give to the needy?

  6. who is this margo channing made up name . i agree with everyone else he’s a nice sweet dude that’s my opinion m. c.

  7. hey dude you are alright a nice gift for someone less fortunate all the way dave your a nice person

  8. That’s the photographer in the photo… He put it on top of his car and in the timer mode and pressed the button.
    “Click” wait 5 seconds.
    In reality, that guy looks more like an illegal alien and should Hollywood police are so glad you got the photo of him for ID purposes.

  9. Yea, it’s the photographer… Parachute pants and look at how new those sneakers are…LOL.
    Where is Spades honeyhole at ?
    Heather Locklear, I would have thought he’d be bangin something a bit younger like some of those girls that work at Taco Bell.
    Maybe he should go thru the drive thru, and hook up like all the other Hollywood studs.

  10. What do you wanna bet, in that guys hand is the $10 he gonna give Spade for taking a picture with him… Along with the IR shutter release remote. which takes the photo from distance.
    Somebody ought hog tie spade and give him a real haircut.
    Wonder if that guy ever thought about joining a gym and getting all buffed out?
    Seriously look at that gut on him, as he ages it’s really going to be brutal and he won’t be getting any movie roles or hot chicks.

  11. dave is a cool man and really funny and of course giving

  12. I drove past that Taco Bell yesterday and the guy is still there.

  13. no one made youGOD either Margo what a b++++ Dave ur a cool person and giving.

  14. Idiot? what agirl that m.c. thanks dave for the money you are kind and funny too.

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