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Dubai bubble has burst and this time it’s the super wealthy and celebrities taking the hit. Many celebrities, from Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Michael Jackson to the Beckhams thought they were getting a great deal when they invested in real estate and lavish villas in blossoming Dubai. They started making money overnight and all was well until everything crashed there. Now everyone wants OUT. The property values have dropped 50% so far, and with for sale signs popping up everywhere, it’s going to get a lot worse. Boo hoo. Maybe that’s why Angelina shelved the idea of taking time off with her kids and she’s back to work filming “Salt” in Washington DC.



  1. Blonde is NOT the right hair color for her. It washes out her skin, and emphasizes her large jaw and chin. There’s a reason she always tilts her head down in photos-that lantern jaw.

  2. Both have to keep working. They are so rich, they may not know exactly how much they do have. On the other hand, they may have gotten in on a Ponci scheme. They are on the go (all over the world) so much I don’t know how they have time to stop and smell the roses. Six kids to take care of, movies, her 3rd world work, 6 mansions scattered around. They must get their strength from the UnderWorld, the master of the abyss.

  3. Making over 20 million per picture those two aren’t poor they’re just plain greedy, Brad asked congress for a handout last week to help rebuild New Orleans of course he wants taxpayers to foot the bill he’s not touching his precious money, then when it’s done he’ll be the one basking in all the glory.

  4. They’re all so rich, can easily afford to loose their investments. No worries.

  5. It’s nice to know that making millions is more important than taking care of the gazillion kids they decided to horde.
    I wouldn’t spend a dime to see either one of these two in ANYTHING.

  6. I have never seen a movie with either of them that you would go away saying: ‘Wow, what a super, memorable movie’. Not one…all are totally forgettable, much like J.Aniston’s fluff movies are forgettable.

  7. The only thing either of them does that impresses me is (arm) pitts work in LA

  8. If Brad really cared about New Orleans he would give up/sell a few of his homes and give the funds to re-build new orleans!

  9. Would you buy a house from Bernie Madoff the Jewish enterpreneur?

  10. Most of the poor black folks whose neighborhoods were destroyed moved out of New Orleans to other states, is Brad trying to rebuild their homes so they can move back? I doubt it, what he wants is to make it a second La-La Land for all his rich friends.

  11. New Orleans will go underwater and flood with the next hurricane. Better to move people out and let erosion make it part of the ocean like subsiding Lousiana demands it to be..

  12. First Brad and Angie both have contributed heavily to the Make It Right Foundation and Brad has certainly put in far more time than most celebrities do for the causes they champion.
    AND secondly Janet, they bought property in Dubai, they did not invest. Furthermore I believe someone from their camp denied they bought property. So whether they invested in the island is dubious at best, but if they did it was only to buy some property and I’m sure they can afford it if the investment tanks.

  13. They live a life to be desired, a life of untold riches, travel to exotic places, beautiful people….or….snot, pee, dirty diapers, spit-ups, sibling rivalry. It’s the first one of course, the second one is taken care of by maids, nannies, numerous employees.

  14. be sure: YOU’RE REALLY CALLING THIS WORK, folks?

  15. Brad and Ang are perfect suited for one another. Neither basically trusts each other, which makes them stay on their toes and try to keep the arguments to a minimum. They would each cheat in a heartbeat, given the right circumstances. I would tell Jennifer that she should be glad to be rid of him, except she swapped him out for an even bigger cheater in John.

  16. Regarding the hair color, Angelina does not make those kinds of calls, it’s the Directors, producers, coustom people. But I do agree, she looks better with darker hair.

  17. Casonia Logenberry..Hells kitchen Elisa is a major pain in the Butt and hope her ass is kicked off the show soon..Because I want to be the first black woman to win on the show and..How could Tennile be any one role model she was kicked off the show for me says:

    Thank God for Angelina Jolie your special and you care and your there helping people one at a time to make there life better and to draw attention to the problems that are there…Your such a good woman and we are blessed to have you on this earth…You make life better and you have changed the world for the better and your a bright shining star…We love you dear sweet kind hearted woman.

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