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Sandra Bernhard and Madonna have Kabbalah and preteen daughters in common, but their friendship remains on the rocks. Bernhard occasionally dishes Madonna in her stand up act, and Madonna simply ignores her. Sandra is pictured in New York, walking her ten year old, Cicely, home from school. Obviously they attend Kabbalah services at different locations because they never run into each other or are seen socializing together. And they were such good pals in the early 90’s.



  1. Sandra’s daughter is very cute. The father must be a real looker. Sandra is wise to stay as far away from that soul-stealing hag, Madonna.

  2. I think the girl is adopted. I don’t recall any info on her having a baby, seems she just suddenly had a kid. Plus, she’s been a lesbian for years! It’s the Rosie version of having kids!!

  3. I would hope Cicely googles Kabbalah and see what a demonic cult this is. This is amazing that virtually none of the members won’t take a couple of hours to read everything they can about it and realize how off-the-wall and hellish it really is. Oh, well, maybe they don’t want to know. One thing is for sure, when they kick out, they will go to (not heaven).

  4. Sandra had Cicely via Caesarean, per wikipedia. She never divulged the pappy. Guess was Mr. Petri-dish. She has always been a flaming lesbian.

  5. They were best friends until Madonna stole Sandra Bernhard’s girlfriend at the time (i.e. Ingrid Cesares). A real friend would not have done that.

  6. Sandra has a face that only her father (he was a proctologist) could love.

  7. Sandra had artificial insemination and was dating and living with actress Patti Velasquez at the time, she did her Marty Callner HBO special when she was preggers with Cicely…

  8. Sandra was one of the good things to come out of the 80’s, and Madonna one of the bad. Everyone thinks Bernhardt is the loser in the situation because she is not as famous or rich as Mad Madge. Wrong! Sandra still has her artistic integrity and her soul, while Madonna has screwed over just about everyone in her life, and is just a Gucci version of a trailer-park mom – shaking her booty for anyone who will watch, dressing like a teen-tramp, and chasing after one inappropriate guy after another. Even hundreds of millions of dollars can’t remove the smell of skank.

  9. The filth these two questionable women have spewed out for public cnsumption will never be fogiven by the Great Creator. Take Heed.

  10. Another corrupt humanoid is Kelly Ripa: She is so enamored with GLAAD and she so worships Madonna that she would gladly loan Madonna and Sandra her Hamptons mansion for their lovefest.

  11. I saw Sandra Bernhard’s live performance last year and she is still wonderful and biting and iconoclastic. She *has* lost her edge, but I think her “mean” edge. For instance, she didn’t pick on audience members like she used to.
    Sandra speaks her truth. It just so happens that her “venue” is live performance. Madonna has records and rock tours.
    I can imagine that when they were friends it was a crazy storm of celebrity around them. Maybe some bad stuff went down.
    Sandra made fun of Madonna in her act, by the way. It almost makes me think that Bernhard is not interested in reconnecting.

  12. Sandra’s live act is fun but she shouldn’t sing, she’s not a good singer. I’m so sick of Madonna I could puke. I found a cd of “Confessions” lying in the middle of the road while I was out jogging last week. She’s officially out of ideas when she has to sample an old ABBA track. Gays can be very gullible when it comes to show biz, a lot of ’em don’t have any taste.

  13. Sandra BErnhard is the one who introduced Madonna to Kaballah and the Bergs. Her daughter looks even uglier than she does. Sandra always mentions Madonna and is always asked about Madonna or refered to as Madonna ex friend. Madonna never talks about Sandra and is never refered to as Sandra ex friends..because contrary to Sandra Madonna has a lot more in her life than old sour grapes just like Madonna does not care about people trashing her because she’s an icon no matter what some say it’s just their wishful thinking.

  14. That Sandra still has any kind of live act career is a testament to the eternal optimism of her fans — who keep hoping she’ll eventually say something witty or insightful.

  15. Always good to foregive and move on from mistakes and take care of problems before it gets out of hand or goes too far and to reach out and say I am sorry is the best thing to do and start to heal the relationship and patch things up and become friend again.

  16. Borg Queen hit it. Knarly Madonna stole very knarly Sandra’s very lesbian g/f and used her for quite some time before moving on.

  17. Question: Who was the knarly lesbian who lost her pixie like “regular piece” to Madonna? Hint: You can absolutely not leave your teenage daughter alone with her?

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