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Benny Medina might be the answer to Jennifer Lopez’s prayers to reinvent herself. Jennifer’s record sales have dropped off and we can’t remember the last time we saw her in a movie. In fact, she hasn’t been hot since she was keeping company with Ben Affleck. Benny Medina is credited with Mariah Carey’s comeback and he’s had success with Tyra Banks and P Diddy. Jennifer and Benny were seen strategizing at a meeting at a New York restaurant and a change might be in the works for Jennifer.



  1. Change we can believe in: Tired of being a housewife, so shedding skeleton man.

  2. Wonder how things would have worked out if she had married Ben Affleck. Bet he is really glad he did naughty things so she would be forced to tell him to get lost. Now Jennifer G. is having to put up with his womanizing, heavy gambling, and general laziness.

  3. So Jennifer married the Crypt Keeper and Ben married a piece of unbuttered toast. “Consolation prizes” rarely make for happy unions.

  4. She already made her mark and she is still a savvy businesswoman. She probably doesn’t even need to work.
    Marc is very rich too.

  5. Wow Jen looks so amazing. Hard to believe she is almost 40 and accomplished so much having started her career late in life.

  6. A lot of adjectives could be used to describe J-Lo. But if only one is to be picked, it would have to be: She is always RESTLESS.

  7. Not liked by the general public. She will never be a big star because the public simply doesn’t like her. Can you blame them.

  8. No matter how much money some people attain, irrelevance is a fate worse than death. Jennifer cannot take not being famous. She, like Vadge, crave fame like a drug. They don’t care if people want to see them anymore, they will just force themselves on the world.

  9. She needs to find a new man, a faux-hiphop-gangster-pimp like Jayzee to give her back her ‘street cred. Maybe some pimp-slapping misogynist like Chris Brown folks???
    Did Bernie Madoff or Scientology lose all her money?

  10. Maybe it’s because she has no talent and had to use other people to prop up her fake career. People have realized she’s a fake just as they soon will realize about O-bama just as I have and i voted for the man. He’s a lying fake cor-rupt chicago politician just like she is a f-ake latina.

  11. Wow Phag Hag! I’m impressed. You don’t see too many “president teleprompter” voters publicly saying that they’re having buyer’s remorse. I’m glad people are slowly but surely starting to see him for the fake fraud that he is. Too bad he can’t be voted out. Change we can believe in – MY ASS!!!

  12. Lopez should thank her lucky stars and bow out gracefully. She slipped into the pop world when it was at a kind of low point (that shift from the boy and girl-band period into unashamedly-corporate pop)- at any other, artistically richer, period she would not have gotten anywhere. She got a couple of great selling albums, and then was able to launch clothing lines, and have a bit of a movie career. J-Lo should let herself become a respectable footnote in pop-culture history. However, I have the feeling that she will keep clawing away to stay famous, and will eventually end up in one of those celebrity reality shows.

  13. Isn’t JLO taking meetings all around H’wood again? I read she is out for an Oscar and is planning for a huge comeback…yawn. No one cares, good luck with that.
    Um, what does the president have to do with this? NOTHING.
    Take your political crap elsewhere and go moan about it to other Bush-bots. Boo hoo for you.

  14. She is a responsible and devoted lady who supports and takes care of a lot of relatives and gives generously charity but doesn’t brag on the efforts. AS for not wanting to be a wife and mother, you have it all and completely wrong on her motives for working as she is talented, has been offered parts and work along with her other money making enterprises, but turned it down while the children were young. , her children will soon go to school and she has maids and servants to take care of her beloved home, and Mark is her man!

  15. Actually it’s the entertainment media that doesn’t like her. People adore her, otherwise she wouldn’t have that huge business empire.
    She was never handed her stardom via nepostism but through hard work and plenty of amazing films.
    A true rags to riches story.

  16. Oscars don’t prove anything anymore, the have lost their crediblity and relevance.
    They Oscars are a jok …Three Six Mafia anyone ?????

  17. One thing a person can never buy is Class. J doesn’t have it.

  18. Talk about class the obammmmas especially michelle have NO CLASS, ask Brown and the brits after their recent visit to America.

  19. She’s darling, and wonderful in “Out of sight” and the giant snake movie. You all jealous! of her beauty! talent! money! success!

  20. Well the Charltonista’a vetting process has gotten stronger. Previous comment concerning J L’s encounter’s with black Puffy Combs and her qest for fame was stricken. Puffy is known to prefer rear entry and Jen had the willing rear for him to enter….now she is just looking hither and yon to get back in the limelight. Her ghetto-focused music has come and gone.

  21. She’s looking better and better; it would be great to see her in some high-quality movies again. As for the political trolls: If you had’nt been in a coma, you’d know our dire situation didn’t start with the current president — not by a long shot. “Ponziland?”
    “USrael?” What shall we name this newly forming country of ours?
    So many choices! Fully awake yet? Don’t worry, you soon will be.

  22. Jen doesn’t have the great connections streep,roberts,kidman,bening,Jolie …have.
    She is a way better actress and has proved it, she just doesn’t go by the Hollywood playbook, she only plays by her own rules without selling her soul.

  23. Like a fine wine, better with age.
    Wake me up when the country realizes they have been in an Obbaamma-Media-hollywood induced stupor.

  24. The previous poster who claimed she doesnt sell her soul must be J Lo in disguise. She gave up a lot more than “soul” to the soul brothers. She is no more an actress than Kenny Rogers is an actor. She has made a lot of money and will always have a diva life but she will never buy moral or artistic respct.

  25. Trust me she has more morals than Julia,Penelope,Garner all a bunch of stealth skanks that get alot of respectable “Press”.

  26. Stay home JHO and raise your very unattractive babies, you are not needed in Hollywood just sing your songs and dance your fat booty away in a Cantina South of the Border or in the Bronx or even on the 6th underground train. Maybe you will get tips from the people if you are lucky!

  27. She is very lucky to have Marc.
    He adored her for many years till the timing was right and would do anything for her.

  28. They only give the so called “serious roles”
    to those who are political activists or UN ambassadors or well connected in HWood.
    The rest get the crumbs no matter how talented you are.

  29. She’s over and done with and will never ever again be on top, just stay on the bottom cause that’s how you managed to get up on top 10 years ago…tramp, slut getting old woman!

  30. JLO should have thought about being blessed with a big comeback before she messed around with another woman’s legally married husband. Skeltor’s ex-wife Dayanara Torres had just had his baby when he divorced her and married JLow four days later. They had no mercy on the woman and pranced around in public while Skeletor called Jlow the love of his life, leaving Dayanara to fend for herself with his baby still in diapers and a toddler. Since then her career has tanked and I hope it stays that way.

  31. Dayanara always knew Marc didn’t love her reason why he cheated on her constantly.
    Dayanara trapped him with a quickie Vegas shotgun wedding and has been milking (ala aniston) her “heartbreak”.

  32. Dayanara was still his wife, and who wants a man whose wife just had a baby, and marry him 4 days after he quickly divorces her then threaten to sue her for $10,000 if she talked about it. But that’s Jlow for yah. She’s a habitual adultress. I thought she learned her lesson after Chris Judd and Ben Affleck, but NO she goes on and does the same thing again. She has no morals.

  33. Daya is as calculating as they come.
    First kid was to trap him into marriage.
    Second to try to force him to stay in the marriage when he was cheating on her left and right.She knew better and is still playing the victim to sell a book and only blaming LOPEZ.

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