Drake doesn’t dress like a rapper when he goes to Annabel’s nightclub in London – but he definitely dresses to impress. And he has one specific person in mind to impress – someone he doesn’t want anyone to know about. Moments after Drake made an entrance at the front of the club, this unidentified sexy young woman was dropped off by Drake’s employees and oozed into the BACK entrance of the club! We’re guessing that Drake is juggling a few women in the UK – he was also reportedly seen sneaking around with Lateysha Grace, who appeared on Big Brother there.

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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4 thoughts on “DRAKE GETS AWAY WITH IT

  1. he hips are the most exciting ones we saw in a decade or two……………

  2. Fully gay – 100% These women are a cover.
    Lotsa lipo too…Dude is fat.

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