It would be easy to blame Kim Kardashian West for that lame Saturday Night Live episode she just hosted- but don’t. She was the most interesting element of the show – even with her shortcomings. Visually (clothing-wise) she always gave us something sexy and colorful to look at, but she had very limited physicality and barely moved- always maintaining a flattering angle and a clear view of cue cards. Besides looking a bit stiff, she read her lines in a flat and monotonous manner. Her opening monologue would have been much funnier if she read her lines with some sly enthusiasm and appropriate pauses. Aside from The Peoples Kourt skit, the WRITERS should be blamed for the mediocrity of the show- THEY dropped the ball – Kim gave it her best.

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  1. Don’t blame the writers. Blame Lorne Michaels for hiring this plasticized mannequin with the brains of a turnip. The writers did the best they could with that lump of a host. Michaels needs to quit, enjoy his money, and let someone who understands contemporary comedy lead the the show now.

  2. Kim did her best and her best is mediocre.
    Are you on her payroll, J?

  3. Janet has it backwards. Kim has no personality, the only thing good was the writing of SNL. Kim was so busy looking at herself in the monitor and playing with her hair, she had trouble reading her lines.
    She gave it her best, which is not saying much.

  4. SNL hasn’t been funny for years. I don’t waste my time with it.

  5. Janet, a little stiff? Seriously? OK she has no talent but has managed to make millions. Don’t mistake popular with talent or intelligence.

  6. Are you kidding? It was the best episode in a year. It was hilarious. She is -of course- wooden, but the writers were FULL of hilarious material inspired by her. What an opportunity! They wrote the material to suit her lack of talent. I’ll say one thing for her though, she earned my respect for playing along. I did not think she had it in her; she is soooo self conscious, but they accommodated for that in their skits.

  7. Her terrible and uneducated delivery of lines, below average looks and unfit body proves how unremarkable she really is .

    What is wrong with America ? Lorne Michaels is a sickening money grubber. The show was awful! Poor Halsey.

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