We are constantly amazed by Donatella Versace – she’s one of the biggest designers in the world and walks around looking like THIS. For some reason she chooses to have multiple procedures done to her face and doesn’t know when to stop. Does she not possess a magnifying mirror? Of course, many years of deep tanning and smoking have not helped her to age gracefully. But she should know better.

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI


  1. of course he would not
    he can’t see anyone
    he’s morte

  2. I’m not sure if it’s a combination of ghastly features, or if it’s one in particular, but she is scary looking.

  3. She’s got several unfortunate events going on that make her look horrible. The first is the cocaine nose, then it’s the black eyes/no eyebrows, throw in a cheap looking bleach job paired with an exceedingly receded forehead, stretched-out earlobes, and top it all off with an overly-tanned orangy hide. That’s why she looks awful.

    Wonder how much it all costs her and how much time she puts into the “look”.

  4. She has chosen a very harsh look. Black clothes, no lipstick and the pulled back hair. However, no wrinkles on that face and she is very thin.

    We’ll just have to admire her talent. I bet her brother would be proud that she has done such a masterful job of carrying on his label.

  5. What the hell is this? She should have a second career in SF and horror movies. Are u sure shes still 100% human?

  6. Jesus Christ in Heaven! Stop with the WE already! You’re not a journalist–you’re a GOSSIP COLUMNIST so start writing like one. We don’t abide.

  7. Poor Megley…leave us alone! JC is still worked into a lather over the Donatella photo!

  8. She was nice looking prior to this. Sometimes you can’t fix inward pain on the outward.

  9. only a matter of time before her and other stars look like the medical staff in the twilight episode “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

  10. I am nauseous! I was eating my lunch when I saw this picture. That is disgusting!

  11. I always think of the muppet “Janis” when I see pictures of her.

  12. Why the fuss? -this is the world of fashion…she’s a great talent and she has a defined “look”…and IMO it’s a sleek, elegant/trashy look and exactly on the mark.

  13. This is Kim k’s future: these gals just can’t stop having procedures. Lindsey Lohan is already there!

  14. So hot. So sexy. I’ll bet she has guys lined up to get some of that.

  15. Kind of rude to make comments about other people’s looks. I learned that in kindergarten.

  16. @Theresa – good, then dont use ur brain, keep it as a vegetable, dont criticize, dont have opinions, be a “yes” person, just like a slave. Idiot!

  17. Ralph Fiennes playing Donatella in the upcoming TV movie?

  18. Rather than Janis from the Muppets, she reminds me of the Borg Queen from the Star Trek:The Next Generation movies.

  19. We Italians age very nicely. This woman absolutely ruined herself, she’s too thin, too much tanning, who knows how many surgeries. She looks about 90 years old.

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