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Whatever you do, DON’T BUY Michael Vick’s new biography (we’re not even going to reveal the title.) He’s cashing in on the fact that he spent 19 months in prison for promoting dog fighting, and looking for sympathy. This man has NEVER expressed sorrow or regret for the dogs he destroyed and tortured with such enthusiasm. He shrugs “I was naïve to the consequences.” Translation: “If I had known I could be put in jail I wouldn’t have done it.” And he says the worst part of the whole dog fighting ordeal was his embarrassment when he had to tell his seven year old son he was going to jail. Naturally he does volunteer work for The Humane Society now to try and make us like him again – not because he really cares about animals. Nike may have rehired Vick, but deliberate, sadistic cruelty to animals is a crime we will never forgive or understand.

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  1. The acts Vick atrociously victimized animals with he maintains were done out of naivete when it is obvious to all that they were purely and simply done out of irresponsible cruelty and exploitation. And insensitivity and possibly greed. That he will never be properly punished by his public is probably so for those who follow him follow a sport that is built more and more on violence and building heroes out of ignorant muscle machines. His clothing will be worn with arrogant pride by wannabe criminals of all ages and Vick will get richer and richer.

  2. if you don’t have feelings for innocent animals – you can’t have feelings for people other than yourself.

  3. Someone needs to do to him what he’s done to those defenseless dogs, a hundred times worse.
    @Sandy Rose,

    Totally agree, if you can’t find compassion for animals, you don’t deserve any from humans.

  4. How disgusting. I love the NFL and am amazed at the number of men/boys that still idolize Vick.

    What he did is beyond comprehension. It’s pretty clear that he is just trying to rehab his reputation-not truly sorry for the atrocities he committed. Like I said – disgusting.

  5. This man is pure evil. I hope karma gets him in a huge way and that I get to read about it

  6. What a stupid ranting thread…Mike more than paid for his crime and now has a JOB and is paying TAXES and doing good work to make amends. It is the stupid animal coddlers who can’t let go.

    Go have a hamburger or hot dog!

  7. I disagree, Strom.
    Cruelty to animals has a definable limit of payback as far as the law is concerned. But the public get to bite down hard on you forever.
    And they will. And they should.
    You’re not a pet owner, right?

  8. Well said Janet and I completely agree. In my opinion his jail time wasn’t nearly enough.

  9. Grow up….I love animals but they are not people. MV paid his time and more than most. He needs a true second chance w/o all the animal nuts coming forward.

    Want to see a miserable animal, see one on a leash or locked in an apartment all day.

    Order up a good hamburger or hot dog!

  10. Michael Vick is so fucking fine looking that all you haters can suck on the dogs nutsack.

    Ditto strom

    It is so funny that you guys worry about dogs but no one is outrage when the government invades other countries, kill people and their livestock so they can’t eat. They are defenseless too. Where are the voices of outrage for that and on top that everyone is forced to pay to torture and kill people.

  11. Bullshit Strom. This guys a pro athlete who is supposed to hold himself to a higher degree of morality in the public eye. It comes with the territory. He doesn’t get to fight dogs to the death then say have your kids buy my corn flakes. Ever again.
    You go eat a fuckin hot dog.
    Hello. It’s a gossip site. We’re not here so save Syrians or whatever.

  12. The man has paid his dues and just about lost everything. In your mind no one should get a second chance. Get off your high horse and give the man a chance to make amends. By the way the name of the book is Finally Free and yes I will buy it.

  13. I have a Doberman that I would love Mr Vick to meet.
    Vick is an ugly. ugly person.

  14. Pit Bulls should be neutered out of existance. Animals are animals and not people…..Mike has done more than his time.

    The real animal cruelty people are the ones who treat them like children or lock them up….nutcases.

    Have a hamburger and a couple of hot dogs and chill.

  15. I agree he has paid his time.

    However, since he shows no remorse, he should have been sentenced to two years of cleaning animal shelters, feeding, watering, walking, etc. He should have to do this 5 days a week for 6 hours a day. And if he gets bitten….well, that’s just payback, payback that the public can be aware of.

    Key sentence here is from Janet…”This man has never expressed sorrow or regret…..”

  16. He should be shunned. I can’t believe that Nike rehired him. He may have done prison time but he shows no remorse for his despicable behavior.

  17. That is a key sentence from JC but not from MV. He has paid and expressed remorse over and over. The animal nuts just wont let it go.

    Who is worse:
    Animal Nuts
    Gun Nuts
    Abortion Nuts
    Gay Lib Nuts

  18. Strom, I give not a rip for fighting dogs, hate them actually. Land sharks. But you have to look into the mindset of an individual who has the capability and lack of empathy to fight creatures to a bloody death for sport and money. In the middle ages it was good, clean, sport.
    Modern times, in a modern society it is demented and psychotic. Vicks brain didn’t suddenly become civilized when he was busted and did his time. The guy is a self centred, mean, piece of human garbage.
    Indefensible. Pick a fight you may appear to be on the high ground for. This isn’t it.
    Try a little human conditioning for a change. Everyone isn’t divided by colour, religion or ethnicity as much as you would like to sell.
    We all love our children the same.

  19. My Golden Retriever is smarter than him ……. better looking too!

  20. Strom and Susie Q are clearly multiple gun owning, toothless, tea-partying, crackalacking, inbred, uneducated dipshits.
    There, I said it.
    Now stop feeding them toofless trolls my intelligent friends!

  21. Poor Aileen is quick to call names at someone she doesnt know but probably has to stumble over 39 cats and dogs running in order to reach her govt. check.

    Michael Vick deserves praise for paying for his crimes and working every day to pay his past debts…an example many more BLACKS should follow.

  22. Vick redeemed himself and paid his dues. You people need to get over it and stop whining. Go Vick. You are the American Dream of second chances.

  23. He’s a fucking pos! Too bad that his kids want a dog! I hope he dies!

  24. Tess has it right…he paid for his crime unlike those who spawn half breed kids or take drugs/booze while carrying them and have a badly dazed kid.

    Get rid of all the pit bulls and you wont have dog fighting. Fine the arrogant animal walkers who fill the sidewalks with their droppings.

    People want to be seen walking a dog or strolling a child but dont want to deal with the rest of their life.

  25. Vick is a subhuman who gets off on torturing animals and may well move on to torturing humans if allowed to continue. He hasn’t “paid his dues” because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong and would and probably will do it again (he’ll just be a little less stupid about getting caught, or set it up so someone else takes the rap).

    If you don’t care about the poor animals, then think about people; the number of animal torturers who then move on to torture humans is very high.

  26. Give him much credit. He married a BLACK woman. It should be a cause for celebration and seems hardly to ever happen with famous athletes.

  27. Thank you My dear Strom..I love you!! Now take out the garbage and make sure you brush your “tooth”..Take your ugly ass self for a walk..write to your momma and tell her you are a happy camper because you like to fight over the internet..You like to stir the pot..go choke on your hotdog or your are missing the point….

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