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We are still perplexed as to why Gareth Thomas, the famous openly gay Welsh rugby player, chose Mickey Rourke to star in his life story. Mickey is 22 years older and doesn’t resemble the athletic Thomas in the slightest. Above, Mickey is in New York training for the part and he’s wearing cat’s eye sunglasses and spandex pants. Gareth looks a whole lot more macho than Mickey does.


  1. Mickey spent a lot of time on the ‘casting couch’ to procure his big comeback.

  2. Janet…… don’t hold back, do you, lol. I enjoy reading your comments and have always wondered, do you get any backlash from these celebrities? I use to watch you on TV and thoroughly enjoyed your commentaries on celebrities. Kudos!

  3. mickey’s got a great physicality….. why the fuck do you think they cat it ACTING for god’s sake….

  4. Jocks should stick to playing sports, actors to acting, and both should let casting directors do what they do best. This isn’t going to end well.

  5. That guy is HOT! Mickey is NOT! I can spell BOMB! Can you?

  6. Mickey could play anything he wants.
    Incidentally, rugby players eat their dead!
    Only game I played that really scared me when I was a kid. Hockey and lacrosse no problem, but it takes big balls to play rugby. All of the players I know have had hips and knees replaced as well as other degenerative game related injuries. Tough, fucking, game.

  7. Interesting observation Patrick. I work for an ex-rugby player and it hurts just watching him walk sometimes. He also takes crap from no one.

    Oh, and if Mickey wants to be taken seriously at anything, he needs to ditch those sunglasses. They look like they were on special at KMart.

  8. Denise, ex rugby players can man handle ordinary people like they are small children! Punch ups are part of the regular game. Smack, crack, pow, settled, keep playing. Teeth are chiclets to be spit out regularly.
    After the game, lots of beers, joints, and laughs. All fights on the field are forgiven and forgotten.
    The game has the highest level of comaradarie of any other sport.

  9. Youtube, “Maori rugby haka,” it is classic, loosely translated, “run for your fucking lives.” !
    One of the chants on the team bus travelling to a game.
    Smoke dope, drink beer, fuck, KILL! repeat….

  10. Yes, Patrick, all very interesting, but did you LOOK at that guy on the right above? Now glance to the left at dear OLD (already beat to holy shit) Mickey. A young, BUILT, guy needs to play this or it will just be a joke…possibly a well-acted joke, but a joke nonetheless. What the hell do they expect the public to do, just swallow anybody or anything when they are going for a movie about an actual PERSON that can be Googled in seconds? I’m sick of getting insulted by lazy filmmakers myself. They need to put as much effort into CASTING someone who can PLAY the actual person BELIEVIBLY as they do in all the other production values and costs. A fat, winded, over the hill, ex-druggie who mutilated his face horribly does NOT fit that beautiful young man’s image above. I would be pissed as hell if I were him! If it goes forward with Mickey, it’s a crime!

  11. I agree Reta that Mickey does look like that creature mask in the Scream fliks in this picture. But I liked him in the Wrestler and the Pope of Greenwich village. No, he won’t be believable as an early thirties rugby player but he is wearing a Roots Canada hoodie so he gets a pass for that too.
    Pippa/Gemma/The American= guess who?

  12. Patrick, have you lost your MIND? “The American” is the old asshole Captain America; wim; Gerard Vandenberg. You can’t POSSIBLY think pippa is he. He is the most illiterite moron on this site. While you may not LIKE her, at least she can string a sentence together. Let it go man. You KNOW Gerard makes NO sense whatsoever!

  13. Reta, look at the timely postings of Pippa/Gemma and the American. One right after another and the same narrative.
    Scroll up to the top. It’s the same in other comments.
    Don’t be so easy.

  14. Gerard can be articulate when he’s angry. I’ve seen it before.

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