Sean “P Diddy” Combs REALLY had a good time playing a villain (above in handcuffs) on an episode of “Hawaii Five-0” recently and he wants MORE. He’s trying to coax producers of the CBS series to cast him as a regular. Diddy has a home in Hawaii and spends a lot of time there working on his music. He likes the idea of having a steady acting job while he’s enjoying the tropical paradise and he’s hoping they’ll give him a chance.



  1. And lets not forget hawaii is where duddy and his male ‘friends’ all hang and relax.

  2. Why Americans made this useless man famous is beyond me.

  3. yep, his mouth has aready the shape of a white COCK!!

  4. No one wants to see this mouth-breather on their TV or in their shows. Good way to kill a struggling new show. I had tried it a couple times but was turned off by the midget James Caan’s son who is ugly as shit and can’t act! ANOTHER case of nepotism run amok!
    (PS: sorry for using the “M” word, it just really fit here)!

  5. Strom have you got a new alter ego? A female, British one?

  6. In the pic, Chiseler is smaller than the little chick!

  7. It’s sickening to think that this scuz who has who knows how many kids with who knows how many sluts can have all this luxury. And when he ‘dated’ J-Lo and she wore that fugly green dress slit to the navel, his popuarity went up even more. That is the sad state and rapid decline of America. Why are the stars always smiling on this no good wretch that he has properties and bling galore when some families go hungry. Life ain’t fair.

  8. J Lo was willing to give up everything and plenty of keister to Black Diddy in order to gain some fame…..and may be willing to do so again!

  9. He truly has one of the ugliest faces I have ever seen. That commercial where he is trying to act sexy over, what was it? Perfume? Well it was so sickening I have to turn my face away and mute it because it’s just too rediculous. How ANY corporate entity could seriously think plugging into this mouth-breathing gorilla-looking midget-sized child-planting covered in decadent garbage seriously delusional asshole is beyond me. I will certainly NEVER buy anything advertised or endorsed by this creature. He needs to be put in a box and carried to the other side of the moon where no one will have to see or hear him again. And take that Chris the girlfriend beater with him.

  10. Seriously Reta, you need to let loose and tell us how you really feel about P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy, Piddles, whatever he’s calling himself now.

  11. What would J Lo say if Black Puffy started releasing all the home movies he took with her “in action”? The ones of the other ex hubby’s of her just showing off her well worn coochie are nothing as compared to what the Puffster has!

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