LINDSAYCUT.jpgWe’re hearing that the reason Lindsay Lohan is being so cooperative about extending her rehab treatment is because she no longer has access to her money! So if she wanted to escape or buy drugs she can’t do it. Supposedly she was complaining to friends that she stays in touch with, that her assets are temporarily frozen. She can’t touch her savings or checking accounts or use credit cards. We don’t know if a judge or her family could do that, but she is under 21. If it’s true, it might be the best thing that ever happened to her.

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  1. maybe she just cant say no to people and this is an easy way to kind of say it. either way good for her. this is one person I really would like to see get their act together.

  2. If it is true then perhaps her parent started acting like a parent. She is so young, I hope she is really getting help.

  3. She’s 18 the money is hers. This story ain’t true.

  4. Besides, she could continue to give blow jobs for some extra cash.

  5. The reason she has opted to stay in rehab is because as soon as she gets out,she is going to be charged with DUI. What would YOU do?

  6. AWW, poor baby. No Balenciaga purse this week. BOO HOO!
    She was such a cute little girl. Hollywood turns everyone out.
    Is the money, fame, and fortune really worth it??

  7. Very smart decision on behalf of SOMEONE looking after her best interests. Hopefully it isn’t one of her lousy parents just ciphoning (sp?) it off for themselves…

  8. Maybe her family petitioned the court because she was always whacked out of her mind.

  9. Well, let’s see…her movie comes out next month. The decision to stay in rehab longer will allow her release to coincide with the movie’s opening and that will translate into free publicity. She went directly to rehab when she crashed her car so that she can tell her future judge that she recognized her problem and took the necessary steps to fix it and, thus, probably getting probation and a compliment from the court for taking action…it’s all manufactured in this business. There are far too many people making money off of her to actually do something with no agenda attached.

  10. Are you kidding me? She can get money anytime she wants by just putting her hand out!

  11. It’s sad. She looks like a homeless person in this picture 🙁

  12. Frozen by Who? Dina? Great, she’ll have about .73 cents to her name by her b’day.
    If frozen by her management, I don’t think that’s possible unless she has signed over power of attorney, which she may have been stupid enough to do.

  13. And we also know why Loser Blohan is still in rehab…she’s hiding from the law. She’s in BIG BIG TROUBLE now that we know that she was not only drunk but coked up the night of her crash. Send that k unt to jail!

  14. It’s a fact that her lawyers advised her to stay in rehab because of the charges pending and the results of her drug test from that last accident. It’s all choreographed to make her look repentant in front of a judge. It will work too.

  15. Oh my god. She looks horrific here! She looks just like the tweaked out crack whores who are dying on the streets of Vancouver, BC. Seriously. She needs major help. Don’t even bother to speak of ‘free will’. As long as she is addicted, she has no free will. The drug has control. She needs to be wrested away from the drug.

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