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All this gossip about Tom Cruise and Cher having a secret romance back in the 80’s is way off base. It was NEVER a secret! Cher and Tom were seen necking on a couch at a party at Paul Newman’s house. (Tom and Paul became friendly while filming the 1986 movie “The Color of Money”) Partygoers couldn’t help buzzing. Cher was quite smitten with 16 years younger Tom. After that scene, the paparazzi were all over them and magazines were full of photos of the odd couple while the short romance lasted. We think Cher’s unfortunate choice of wigs damaged the relationship. The top photo was taken at a White House event and features Tom and Cher as well as Bruce Jenner.


  1. I never liked that wig and thought it looked freaky, but of course, she’s Cher (narcissist) and anything less attention getting wouldn’t have worked for her.

  2. Who’s the guy on the far left with the toupee.

    By the way, Cher is an idiot.

  3. LOL. So you’re saying Cher’s wigs prevented her from becoming a beard?

  4. Tom Cruise nervously eying the guy on the left. Not sure if the Cruiser wished Cher and the “rug” guy could change wigs, or if the Cruiser wants to wrestle with the “rug” later.

  5. Jenner (or is that Jim Carrey?) is sidling up to Nancy Reagan so he can ask about borrowing her clothes later.

  6. So if Cruise and Cher had stayed together would Cher now be a Scientologist?

  7. Bruce used to be so good looking, what a shame he got surgery.

  8. “Cher’s unfortunate choice of wigs,”…her lack of a penis….yes, it all adds up now.

  9. Helga – Cher used to be married to Sonny Bono who was a Scientologist but she never became one. In her biography that appears in A & E she said “Sonny was a Scientologist” but she never joined. So I don’t think her getting together with Cruise would have changed her in that direction. Its interesting that Cher dated David Geffen who later came out as a homosexual and Cruise has been dogged for years to be gay. Many people, actors, people in the industry have said on and off the record to get to the top in Hollywood you have to give up part of your soul. Who knows but one thing for sure there are a lot of closeted bisexuals and homesexuals in the industry. Look at Clive Davis, he recently revealed he was gay although he said close friends knew he was but only recently with the release of his biography did he publicly reveal this. Could be that at this stage of his career and he’s 80 years old it doesn’t matter.

  10. nope, she just wished a penis inside her body.

  11. Let me see if I have this straight, if a guy dates Cher, later in life, he has a greater than average chance of becoming gay, becoming a Scientologist, or a becoming gay Scientologist?

  12. Tom is clenching his jaw in the lower left pic, as if to say “What the hell is she wearing on her head? Whatever it is, I just want to get the hell out of here!”

  13. I need to retire for the evening, It’s getting late. I thought I just read “Tom and Paul were seen necking on a couch at a party at Paul Newman’s house”.

  14. more holes than swiss cheese… when Tom filmed the color of money he was married to Mimi. Sure he escorted Cher, but that was before he met Newman.
    If you are going to print it – get it right.

  15. Yep…lots of loose ends….somewhere it must lead back to some lesbo action.

    Looks more like today’s Bruce Jenner on the left end.

  16. Gay bearding PR story number 2. It must pay well to be a mouth piece for celebs PR agents to manipulate their public image.

  17. LOL…I guess Cher’s son Elijah is in on the “scam” too. He told stern on his radio show that they lived in his NY apt when they were involved…

    Btw: Geffen was Bi at the time and Cher strikes me as a women who needs sex and wouldn’t ever settle for a fake BF. Cruise doesn’t strike me as gay…more asexual.

  18. Cher is a talent. No question. But her schtick to look different and bizarre, in retrospect, looks silly rather than that. Tastes change, but I don’t ever think Cher was ever accused of having taste. The History of Hollywood celebrities will come to view Cher as odd not great. Too bad because she demonstrated acting chops that had potential.

  19. Rebecca De Mornay! it’s why they split and Cruise in 80’s was low-key

  20. I love that the film companies were offering up their little rising stallions as arm candy back in the day to the cougars of the world.

    Agree it was “quiet” because he was with Demornay, maybe starting to court Mimi.

    You can’t blame Cher for 80s hair. Ye of thee without guilt cast the first stone. We all had freeking bad hair in the 80s, who didn’t have bad hair, honestly? And no cheating – This era was well AFTER Charlie’s Angels, so that doesn’t count.

    I’m wai-ting

  21. I for one, never wore a wig in the 80s or ever for that matter.

  22. well then, mama, like the rest of us you just had yo’ self some bad hair.

  23. Tom and Cher are both screwed up, but in different ways. He, of course, with Scientology, and Cher with her obsessions for boytoys. And why is there a big lump on the tiny one’s right cheek.

  24. I admit to having bad hair in the 80s. I cringe when viewing my wedding photos but God did I think I looked good.

  25. My Mamie Eisenhower bangs have served me well for years. Why change hair styles when you find an ageless look? Mamie and Jane from the Beverly Hillbillies are my role models. Classic beauties.

    Where is my valium and claret? I must retire now.

  26. Denise- I’m sorry to hear that you were dumb enough to get married.

  27. I think her having a vagina ended the relationship. Not to be crude as Cher is GREAT!

  28. I “heard” from a good source that Tom had a fling with Paul Newman on “The Color of Money” and fell in love with him. Cher was a beard.

  29. Really now “Bubba”; I bet you “heard” that from the voices in your head.

    And yes, Denise, “Dick” is a most appropriate name for me. There have been a long line of “Dicks” in my family and I wear that name proudly when I post.

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