We confess we are perplexed by Dennis Hopper’s decision to DIVORCE his wife Victoria, considering he’s in the late stages of cancer. They’ve been married almost fourteen years – that’s Dennis’s longest marriage out of five – and they have a 6 year old daughter, Galen. Friends of Dennis say it’s obviously about the money – that he wants her cut out of the will. People on Victoria’s side say that Dennis is incapacitated mentally from the drugs he’s taking and making bad decisions. Two of Dennis’s adult kids have been living with him and Victoria at his compound in Venice, California, and he has another daughter he hasn’t spoken to in years. Why would a dying man go to the trouble to divorce the wife he’d been getting along with until now? We’re confused. Any lawyers out there with opinions on this?



  1. He looks really really old and horrible in this pic. Maybe it’s the cancer. If he’s that far gone, how can he even FILE for a divorce? His kids need to talk some sense into him, unless of course, they want all the money and so want her gone so they don’t have to share. Of course, she’s got 14 years there so that will stand for something as well as having his last kid which will add to the money she gets. Sounds like lawyer time!!!

  2. What reputable lawyer would even facilitate a divorce for someone in this condition?

  3. I would guess that he’s having mental issues due to his sickness. Another option, is it possible that he has some debt problems and doesn’t want his widow to be burdened after he is gone?

  4. There’s a really good reason to get a divorce–California is a community property state and the wife would get a “spousal share”–only if the decedent were unmarried could he direct where his estate is distributed. Let’s say he wanted his kids and current wife to have equal shares of his estate–nope, can’t do that, must give wife half the estate (maybe more, depending on what was earned during the marriage)….unless he gets divorce. Then he can still leave his ex-wife as much of his estate as he wants. It’s to protect the other kids. I think it’s pretty smart. And just because someone “looks horrible” doesn’t meant they aren’t competent.

  5. NY Social Diary has published what’s been happening. His wife has been LOOTING his art collection, removing major$$$$ pieces out of home while he’s receiving cancer treatments this last year. She actually requested and got a reading of his will and I suspect he’s finally gotten good advice to divorce legally. She is the ultimate cold gold digger to do this while he’s dying.

  6. Must be wonderful to reach a certain age and realize that everyone who “loves” you is, at the end of the day, only interested in your money.

  7. pffffffffffffffff, naive america:
    ………….HE N E E DS ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. “What reputable lawyer would even facilitate a divorce for someone in this condition?”

    Ask Newt Gingrich. He had divorce papers served on one of his wives while she was in a hospital bed.

  9. I’m so sorry we’re probably going to lose an actor or Dennis Hopper’s caliber this year. It seems like he’s never really been able to find true love in his life, despite his wealth. In the immortal words of Lennon/McCartney, “money can’t buy you love”.

  10. He looks really really old and horrible in this pic. Maybe it’s the cancer.

    you are correct rita it is the cancer

  11. She is greedy. There is more to this story…the NY Post said that Dennis Hopper wants his wife to get what their prenup says, 1/4 of his estate. If he dies while they are married then she gets 1/2. Come on…do you think she married him for love?!

  12. who cares, everyone who has ever worked with him agrees that he is a nut case, and with that tiny penis of his, he should be grateful to even have had kids !

  13. Do you have any idea why Peter Fonda wasn’t at Dennis Hopper’s Star on the Walk of Fame ceremony??

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