She’s only 27, but Demi Lovato has already had a tabloid-esque lifetime of ups and downs. We’ve watched her suffer through bulimia, substance abuse, rehab several times, and many failed romantic relationships. Late last year she announced that she was “queer.” Happiness seemed just out of reach. Along came Covid-19 and it changed everything! Demi had just started dating Young and Restless actor Max Ehrich when they were thrust into quarantine together. Unlike a lot of relationships, this one flourished in isolation. They actually fell in love and Max, 29, who happens to be a WORKING actor, proposed in late July. They’ve been smooching it up on social media ever since. It’s nice to know SOMEBODY’S happy !

Above, Demi Lovato and fiance Max Ehrich leaving Nobu in Malibu

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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5 thoughts on “DEMI LOVATO: HAPPY AT LAST!

  1. She’s a product of exploitation. She is forever damaged.

  2. Nope, she is an untalented and plain looking head case who has a delusional image of people’s interest in her. Like Jlo, she can’t stop sending out the PR’s to flaks like JCH while seeking “to be left alone”.

    Demi never could decide if she wanted to sleep with men, women, or combinations, so she chose all three.

    Please Go Away, Demi!

  3. First Jlo, now Demi. You must be getting paid to post this crap.Jlo’s story is an advertisement in itself.

    Plus everyone knows Max was practically begging to be with Selena Instagram stalker style before Demi took him on for publicity. I’m certain he was after Selena for the same reason, so Demi is a good runner up per usual in this situation.

    He could never pay for that ring, it’s obvious. Is the only part of this site that is gossip, that we know more than you do Janet?

  4. Nadia nails it……JLo and Demi have the same PR flaks and JCH has always slobbered over any publicity handouts J Lo or the Kardashians sent out.

    Selena became the “go too piece” for a bevy of Hollywood lesbo’s. Demi ended up with the knaryist of the bunch.

  5. It is another day and you can count on another Press Release from Demi about things no one cares about. Only flaks like JCH and a few others run them but she must really think her failing career is of interest. Demi – PLEASE GO AWAY!

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