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Dean Cain and his 7 year old lookalike son Christopher (the only difference is the blonde hair!) had dinner at Nobu in Malibu. Dean is such a great catch and he’s never been married. Christopher’s mom is Dean’s exgirlfriend, Playboy model Samantha Torres. Chris has a cool dad – he’s a former Superman, well educated (a degree from Princeton,) mannerly, handsome, and family oriented. Actually, Christopher is a lucky kid.

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  1. Family oriented? Then why didn’t he marry the mother of his child and make a home for them?

  2. Cain has terrible taste in women- he was once engaged to Mindy McCready, ths might explain why a man with his appeal and background is still single.
    or maybe he’s gay?

  3. Mindy McCReady …. Isn’t she the singer? I remember, when they were engaged, her being followed by a film crew; and at the hotel she and her female assistant were sharing a bed “to save money.” As stars have to do. Apparently no one could of told them rooms could be had with 2 singles. Little things like that made me wonder about Dean’s sexuality. Well, mainly the fact I’d jump him in the blink of an eye.

  4. It’s a funny world when a man who has sired an illegitimate child with a woman who works in pornography is described as “family oriented”.
    Who will next be described as “family oriented”, the homeless dude who faithfully sells donations to the local sperm bank?

  5. The guy is hot, hot, hot. Sad to hear he fathered a child and didn’t marry the mother. I wouldn’t call that family orientated.

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