We’re not rushing to judgment in the David Copperfield scandal. Since when is it a crime for performers (or rockstars) to pick up women in the audience? A lot of girls go to see bands and performers just HOPING they’ll be noticed and invited the the party after. Copperfield does 500 shows a year- where ELSE is he going to meet women? In fact, he met longtime girlfriend Claudia Shiffer in a Berlin audience. And remember that for YEARS, Copperfield endured GAY rumors so it’s ironic that now he’s accused of being a womanizing rapist. We met him in Las Vegas a few years ago and found him to be friendly and well mannered. Just don’t condemn him until you’ve heard all the facts.

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  1. Since when is picking up women from the audience a crime?
    Since when you invite them offshore, sexually assault them. Then the victim sets up a sting with the FBI recording the call, and Copperfield offers the victim $2 Million in cash to keep quiet. Then the FBI raids his warehouse and just happens to find $2 Million in cash.(This is all ALLEGEDLY)
    Probably just a big misunderstanding.

  2. I knew a girl once (about 15 yrs ago) who temporarily worked as his personal assistant. She quit cause he was such a weirdo. Once a weirdo always a weirdo.

  3. Good for you, Janet. Nowadays, women are so quick to file a lawsuit, and often, they’re just low-life sluts without a leg to stand on. (Yes, their lawyers are low-life sluts as well.) They think this is their road to riches, fame, etc. Get a life, ladies.

  4. My first thought in all of this was that the girl in question must be
    a. out for some money in a off court deal
    s. utterly stupid
    What did she think he invited her to his island for? a cuppa? She sounds like the classical little slut who cries rape cause her modelling career didn’t work out.
    No witnesses + no dna + reported long after the fact + DC has no prior accusations of any sort + I bet his defense will find a lot of skeletons in her closet because no one is born saint = lost cause.

  5. he’s just a very weird guy i seen one of his shows and went back stage to talk and he was out there really off the wall kind of guy he always would look at the guys up and down checking out the goods.

  6. Did you hear they conducted a rape kit on the alleged victim???
    The found a rabbit, 3 doves and 14 silver coins.

  7. Juma, maybe Coppafeel should work some of his “magic” on you. Bet you’d love it. Maybe he’d pull a rabbit out of your hat. Or better, maybe he’d pull your head out of your ass.

  8. “Just don’t condemn him until you’ve heard all the facts.”
    That goes for her too.

  9. I didn’t realize this was a blame the victim forum. I’ll leave now.

  10. They are men who have serious psychological or personality disorders, which they discharge trough sexual violence. The consequences of this behavior (what may happen to him or to others) has no meaning to the rapist at the time of the assault. Therefore, he is not deterred by such logical considerations as punishment, disgrace to his family, injury to his victim, etc.
    Rape is always an aggressive and/or violent act. In every act of rape, aggression is involved, but it is clear that the sexual acts are the means of expressing the aggressive needs and feelings that operate in the offender. Either anger or power is the dominant component so that rape, rather than being primarily an expression of sexual desire, is in fact the use of sexuality to express his issues of power and anger. Basically, it involves sexual behavior in the primary service of non-sexual needs

  11. to Anonymous ( 10:43 am): posting anonymously? how very brave of you, dear.
    This story sounds fishy to me. If you wish to believe her without taking all the information into consideration, be my guest.

  12. If he wasn’t a big shot magician, women wouldn’t give the skinny little a.hole the time of day.

  13. to Anonymous ( 10:43 am): posting anonymously? how very brave of you, dear.
    This story sounds fishy to me. If you wish to believe her without taking all the information into consideration, be my guest.
    Fishy? I’m guessing that’s how you smell.
    As for bravery, “Juma”, anyone can make up a name to post online. It’s not as though you use your real name, which is Assy McDouche. Oops, hope my telling that information won’t cause any problems for you, Assy.

  14. Janet, did Coppafeel pay you to defend him, or did he just hypnotize you into thinking he’s NOT a sleazy freak? Don’t be the tool of a sleazy freak. Have some guts.

  15. At least I have a name. Now go back to playing with the crayons, dear.

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