Lori Loughlin is getting ready to tell HER side of the story. It’s been around three years since her troubles with the college admission bribery scandal and resulting two month prison term.  Lori is now rebuilding her career and working on her autobiography. A publishing insider says that Lori’s tell-all will cover many aspects of her private life – including her rarely discussed first marriage, secrets from her time on Full House, and of course her legal troubles and jail time. Now that she’s paid her dues and put the scandal behind her, Lori is eager to get back into acting, and feels writing a book will hopefully provide a boost to her career.


Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA


  1. Let her fry! She knew what she was doing. The whole family is trash. No one cares to read any book she might pen. They have enough money just let them disappear so we don’t have to hear of her, her two daughters, or her husband again.

  2. No one cares about her bio. She needs to crawl back under the rock.

  3. I like her and think she deserves another chance. There are people out there that have done much worse and have been forgiven!

  4. People have done a lot worse & been forgiven, What’s the big deal i remember when John Kerry went to another State to buy a boat for almost a half million and bought it in a state with a lower tax rate, “What’s the Difference” I have always liked Lori, and right after this happened i gave my opinion then & giving it again now!!

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