We never get tired of looking at Juliette Lewis’s strange collection of outfits. She’s one of the few people alive still wearing spandex on stage. Here she is with her band Juliette & the Licks performing at a Florida gig wearing her version of an Indian costume. Or maybe not. We’ve come to the conclusion that Scientologists are unusually bad dressers because: 1- They spend most of their money on auditing, not Prada. 2- They have no gay friends to keep them informed about fashion. As you know, Scientologists prefer to associate with OTHER Scientologists, and gays are not welcome in that circle.

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  1. Hey at least the girl can SING I saw her at the Warfeld (opening for Chris Cornell) in San Francisco she was oddly, VERY entertaining!

  2. Gays may not be openly “welcome” but the Scientological Circle is overflowing with closeted gays!

  3. Gays may not be openly “welcome” but the Scientological Circle is overflowing with closeted gays!

  4. Scientology is demonic demonic demonic. They believe in reincarnation. IT MATTERS NOT WHAT THEY WEAR, BUT WHERE THEY ARE GOING FOR ETERNITY. Plus, if they are a gay Scientologist, their little cubicle down below will be heated up even more.

  5. Scientology founder, L. Ron Hubbard, committed suicide. He is now with Satan forever. Juliette should get out now before it’s too late and take dopey Tom Cruise and others with her. Scientologisty just wants your money and the devil just wants your soul.

  6. Travolta and Cruise are both frooty and far from closeted. Janet, your items are getting really tired.

  7. The TRUTH is ou!! Why tommy the one and only FAGGOT is seeing himself as some sort of jesus!! I think man should be helped by a superb shrink. He simply isn’t living on planeth earth anymore, brainwashed by his own ideas. The one and only REAL reason why tommy joined the scientology-losers is because his secret gay-ness is killing him!!

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