Little did Danielle Staub of The Real Housewives of New Jersey realize what a firestorm of outrage her comments about the singer Prince would activate. In an interview with Steppin’ Out magazine, Staub, who has been described as a former stripper and call girl, alleged that she had a fling with the diminutive singer in her younger years. She called him “the best kisser in the world” and went on to say “When you’re lying down you’re all the same height. Plus he wore HEELS.” Yes, Prince wears heels in bed. He has custom made high heeled bedroom slippers and his other girlfriends have verified this. Princes’ fans are appalled by Danielle’s claims and they want to know the truth. (We’d like more details too!)



  1. What the hell is with her face? She is the exact color and texture of Silly Putty.

  2. I truly cannot stand this plastic whore. My dream would be that her enemies on The Housewives of New Jersey really ARE connected to the mafia or some other thug business, and will find a way to rid the world of this disgusting piece of shit of a female. Please…someone…step up and do us all a favor…we will all be so thankful…and her two daughters need to be freed from her skankiness and whoredom before she ruins them too. Sniper Time!!!

  3. Prince has high-heel bedroom slippers that he wears in bed??? Holy Crap! He is squirellier than I ever suspected! Does he also have high-heel shower flip-flops?

    Well, we know how he managed to have sex with so many women. They laughed their panties off!

  4. High-heel slippers for a man, where the hell are we headed to. These reality show are just the slippery slide toward the end of mankind. What’s next? Damn!!

  5. OK seriously … if I saw my man wearing heels to bed I would die laughing!!! Are these women stupid or something???? A midget in heels, the great seducer LOL.

  6. PEOPLE…consider the source! This is an ex-prostiture skank-whore with square fake tits and pierced vagina lips (don’t ask) who films her own self naked and masturbating in the mirror and releases it and then complains about it being in the press. There’s absolutely NO WAY that Prince, who could have screwed any woman pretty much that he wished, would have picked THIS UGLY PLASTIC-FACED-tits skank to screw. She’s dilusional people. She lies outright all the time and just got thrown off the Housewives show after they had enough of her shit. I predict she disapears and soon and THAT wouldn’t be soon enough. She serves no discernible purpose by breathing. Time to GO!

  7. > She is the exact color and texture of Silly Putty.

    Haha, that’s ’cause it is Silly Putty! (Well, I wouldn’t put it past her; she has had some truly awful plastic surgery)

    I normally don’t call people whores, but she literally was (and appears to be, still. Allegedly) From what I have heard, it sounds like the other Jersey housewives do have connections. But also “Danielle” (She changed her name from Beverly something, possibly after pleading guilty to charges in — my memory is hazy, I think it was some kind of kidnapping involving a gun and torture? when younger, an incident to which she herself referred on the shows when she was trying to appear sympathetic to Jacqueline’s daughter whom she brought up on charges for pulling on her hair extensions) has been said to be well known in the area for creating harassment lawsuits, but nothing has happened to her yet.

    On the reunion show it was suggested that that thug “Danny” whom she brought everywhere, used to be married and no longer is, due to a, shall we say, Interim Situation with Ms Staub. Those two are so creepy. Staub is a pathological liar and crazy (sociopath maybe?)

  8. I think her real beef is, after kissing a prince he’s still a toad, in lifts. Some people really need to shut up.

  9. WHO in the world would choose to have ANYTHING to do with this person? She will either blab all the details to get some attention, or, put it on video to, oh yeah…get attention. That my friends is called an Attention Whore.

    What a loser. So glad Bravo had the stones to ax her.

  10. Hey, no one has made a joke about Prince having parked his Little Red Corvette inside her triple-car garage.

  11. Just vomited in my mouth at the thought of FINE A$@ Prince getting with HER. Prince hooks up with beautiful young women….which she is not and with all that plastic it looks like she was “fixing” alot so I doubt she was beautiful when she was younger when she claimed she got with Prince.

  12. Everyone calm down! He didn’t do it with her. It has been known for many, many years that Prince prefers women who are classy. The classier the better. Thing must be sociopathically desparate for any kind of attention.

  13. I agree she didn’t screw Prince EVER and I really wish he’d sue the crap out of this whore for saying this in public about him. That’s SLANDER when you make false alegations about someone, and saying she screwed him when she didn’t is damaging to HIS FAME and NAME and REPUTATION as a lover of great beauty in women, which she has NEVER had. ANY man who this plastic whore puts her name on should sue immediately for damaging their name and reputation. She is the most delusional and hideous plastic female I have ever seen, she has NO FRIENDS except those tiny thugs with prison records who cling to her every word and movement. I hope that creep Danny turns on her too and strangles her ass soon. He’d be doing the world a HUGE favor!

  14. Bluejay, “women who are classy”? Like Carmen Electra? Vanity? Apollonia? Sheena Easton?

    Our definition of classy is quite different.

  15. Sebastian: Did we forget: KIM BASINGER. She was with him for 4-5 years and lived w/ him most of that time.

  16. Canada,
    You set the bar for witticisms!

    I didn’t know all that about him.

  17. Ah, Bluejay, I see. Yeah, it is a rather skanky list no? However, one could never call his ex-lovers boring or lacking in sex appeal – no man would kick any one of those women out of bed for breaking wind.

    And, Reta, LOL, after writing that last post I remembered Kim Basinger. She puts a nice Crazy spin on it all.

    Kim’s relationship with Prince must have come up at least once during her battles with Alec Baldwin. I mean, would you let something like that slide?

  18. Well, I must say Sebastian, out of Kim’s two lovers mentioned here, the extremely TINY and female looking and sounding “man” going by the rediculous name of PRINCE, or the dark-haired and funny Alec, I’d have had Alec any day (in spite of his obvious issues and anger problems). He was pretty hunky when he was young and VERY sexy as the dangerous, murderous Dr when he was young, in his prime (sexually anyway). I couldn’t find Prince attractive in a dark closet with my hands tied behind my back and the dude standing on a step stool. If he opened his mouth and said or sang ANYTHING it would be all over for me and I’d find a belt from somewhere in the dark recesses and finish the job, him or me, someone’s gotta GO! I can’t for a moment imagine the ravishing Kim with the teeny tiny purple freak. Not for even one second. It’s like nightmare material!

  19. Reta, Prince my be a freak but he might be packing a 9 incher and that might surprise you. Alec, just seemed like a man who has too much anger in builted up and a very unhappy person overall. There is a reason Prince had alot women who really loved him.

  20. I pity her daughters. Can you imagine what it must be like to know your whole school saw your mom have sex on the internet and that she’s was a hooker? OMG If that was my mother I would change my name and leave the planet.

  21. Funny Lenny! But you make a good point. 9-incher or not, Prince must be a good lover, and I don’t just mean sexually adept.

    Prince is the sensitive type. It seemed pretty obvious with many of his relationships with women that he liked and respected them and cared what happened to them (he remade Sheena Easton, gave Basinger a serious chance at establishing a singing career, oversaw the creation of “Carmen Electra”).

    Alec seems a great guy on some level, but obviously has typical male-rage issue, no doubt not helped by being Irish Catholic and growing up one of several brothers.

  22. I don’t care HOW big his dick is, holding on to that skrawny puny wiry body of his during sex…(ewww)…I’d feel like someone let the Airdale terrier in the back door and it snuck up on the bed and somehow managed to mount me. (EEEWWWW) again!

    Alec has a fantastic sense of humor which has always been (for me) the sexiest part of the man….Quick wit, sharp mind, big brain, FOLLOWED by nice shoulders, and a possibly round tight ass couldn’t hurt, and whatever stick he uses he better know how to hold it, swing it, and make it pretend to still be part of the tree. Don’t come play with me and bring your balsa wood!

  23. Reta, Alec was once very handsome, but even then he was too hairy. Surely that is a turn off.

    And even if a gal likes the lovin’, just think: three months out of the year he is out foraging for blueberries.

  24. S’riiight Sebastian, I like furry beasts that play in the wood, or HAVE wood, one or the other! (Or both is even better)!

    (And I’ve SEEN Alec’s young naked chest and it was lucious! As long as the back doesn’t resemble the front we’ve got a deal, if I can tell the difference between the front and back, I’ll bring the berries)!

  25. Why has the world made hair an enemy. It’s look great on people and shouldn’t be shaved anywhere except underarm and that only on women.

  26. Lenny, I partially agree. I find the level of waxing, with both men and women bizarre. However, Alec’s level of hairiness is gross, and I am not a fan of excessive arm hair (particulularly on anyone handling food) or guys with hobbit feet wearing sandals.

  27. I’ve never seen Alec’s feet, but if I got the chance, I wouldn’t even look, I’d be too busy playing in the OTHER hairy parts. YUM! A REAL man!

  28. I say the same thing about Demi Moore before she shaved off that massive bush she had, which I loved.

  29. Reta and Lenny, maybe you should form some sort of organization. Shag Carpet Lovers Anonymous.

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