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To no one’s surprise, Courtney Love’s New York art show opened to dismal reviews, but many looky-loos. Many observers found the obscenity covered work “offensive, narcissistic, and infantile.” Particularly appalling was a white wedding gown (on wall behind Courtney above) heavily embroidered with vulgar words. It’s rumored that the dress was supposed to be for Love’s wedding to ex-boyfriend Edward Norton. (She never got over THAT bustup.) Another drawing shows a blond woman crying blood with “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” written across the top. There ARE collectors who will probably spend money for her work – Courtney’s hoping to outsell her daughter Frances Cobain’s art show.

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  1. Not a fan of Courtney love in fact I think she’s pathetic, but I gotta say I love her artwork!

    She’s always been self serving but I find her artwork honest and true to her. If I had the money I would definitely buy a few pieces. Art is funny like that; some people will hate it and so people will love it.

    Good job Courtney!!!

  2. Btw the daughter is a talented artist, but I hate her work.

  3. Strictly starving artist material. She should try to unload that crap at a Holiday Inn weekend only show.

  4. Ha, she is an artist like Angelina is an international diplomat and Babs Streisand is an economist.

    The publicity for it just makes her more delusional.

  5. I think its cute. If she is able to do anything constructive then good for her.

    Her daughter should be happy that she is able to fart her life painting if Courtney didn’t agree to selling her husband music. The daughter would be slumming with crack addicts too. Blowing smoke up the daughters ass about her art work will just make her more delusional about her art and pursuing a real career or education.

  6. Seeing her “art” is like looking in to her disturbed mind and a psychiatrist’s notes. It is stark and it is real. It shouldn’t be showcased because Love is not mentally balanced.

    I’m not a fan of hers but if I had the money I would buy every single piece and pack it away. Then when her daughter was much much older, I would give it to her.

  7. To do something to compete with your own child is seriously sick. In the picture of her above, I think she looks a lot like Madonna.

  8. Ed Norton is continuing to breathe many sighs of relief at what would have been a disastrous union.

  9. Courtney not only needs to go away, she needs to go away, STAT!

  10. She wants to be the girl with the most cake!

  11. Well it took massive amount of time for Courtney Love to find Love and to open your heart to another man…Is a real big deal and…It has to crush her Heart into a Million little Pieces to not have that relationship any more…For what ever reasons people break up to start up with…But as far as her Art…She is showing her emotions and feelings and thoughts with the world.

  12. This Edward Norton has to be some one special in her life to have this feelings about this man…He must had torched her Heart and Soul! It takes time to get over some one that moves you and Stirs your Passions and….The Bad words are bad feelings and Anger and…Being really Mad at the way things turn out…Yes by showing her emotions to the world is Healing herself on many levels in order to move on with her life….I do have to say that her Art is something to see… But some people are old fashion and can’t handle the strong words that are there?

  13. Tossed out of the clubs.. Ditched by any man that might have cared. Not invited to the great events.. Bankrupt by her foolish spending.. Egg on her face for her dumb-ass ideas.. stupid actions and grand promises that didn’t pan out.. Ignored by one and all for her drunken, drug abusive behavior. Humiliated by her own lies and destructive behavior revealed and still clamoring for any kind of sympathy, applause attention..

  14. Apparently she thinks the glasses and pencil skirt will actually lend her a gravitas she’s otherwise missing. But as a wise man once said, you can’t put lipstick on a pig.

  15. Amazing how much she’s morphing into Madonna, as the years roll on.

    As for her art, no one would give those wares a second glance if she weren’t the “artist.”

    Something nice: Patrick! You have been missed. Truly. Hope you and your family are doing alright.

  16. Cheap Dirty her art work is not all that. Seriously you can MAKE art just like it and save a ton on cash. No one would know the difference!

  17. this is what happens when you’re mentally disabled like her, folks!!

  18. I miss you too, Something Nice.
    We will meet again.

  19. In a relationship with Courtney Love…Only some one who has had a relationship with her only knows but for a man to break it off with a woman…Problems and troubles that are not solved or addressed has to be a Hard Core Reason to say no to pushing the relationship forward to the next levels…But I am going to put it out there..Maybe the man wanted children? Most Men want to create a family and if a woman…I was going to marry say no to that…I would be gone!

  20. When two people fail to get along…The relationship some how goes south and…The relationship becomes a waste of time…But love is what Courtney has for the man and they had there ups and downs but the reason behind it they only know and sooner or later they might share that information with the world but for know we are left in the Dark!

  21. This is the ORIGINAL STROM.

    Miss Love is an outstanding example of white womanhood! She is welcome to visit the doublewide trailer, ANYTIME!! Note her classy pose with her pack of ciggys and a lighter, ready to smoke!

    I LOVE her HIV+ thinness! Oooo la la, makes my man meat throb cause she looks like a TRANNY.

  22. It’s easy to kill someone I hear but the guilt of it stays with you the rest of your life.

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