In the past, nobody paid much attention to the Creative Emmys because they’re not televised and considered secondary to the real Emmys. Attendees didn’t fret so much about what to wear. But when Christina Hendricks from Mad Men showed up this year looking ravishing, she raised the bar and stole the show. Her fabulous black silk layered gown was designed especially for her by Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, who IS a winner, indeed. Christina is one of his best customers – she wore his peach ruffled frock to the 2010 Golden Globes. One last note: it is refreshing to see a pretty woman without any visible tattoos.



  1. It surely is, and it seems rare these days. I think the Angelina Jolie’s look like they have graffiti all over themselves, it’s ugly as hell.

  2. Yeah, she looks nice. But when it’s 90 degrees it’s really hard to look at all black. Save it for the winter.

  3. Ravishing…and famished. Looks like she is not keeping her Madmen weight when the show is not in production. Too bad; she was curvey – VaVaVoom – like Marilyn, and looked all the better for it.

    Tatoos are sooooo nineties, now only sported – outside of bikers and gangstas – by 90-lb-weakling nerd-boys trying to look tough or Alt, and confused chickies with parental-control issues.

  4. thanks for saying that about the tattoos. sorry, girls, they’re classless.

  5. She’s very beautiful. Truly truly beautiful. She’s one of the reasons I watch Mad Men. I will take her curves over January Jones’ bony butt any day. She appears to have lost some weight, but still maintains meat on her bones.

    Interesting side note: She had said in previous interviews that they put some extra padding on her for the show to give her the hourglass figure.

  6. I think they do pad her on the show. She always looks so dainty in real life, but also curvy. I don’t know what SebastionCanada is talking about. Marilyn never looked like Joan OR Christina. Marilyn had smaller breasts and a more athletic build than either the character or the actor. Joan is more like Rosalind Russell. Christina is more like Liz Taylor in her Cat on a Hot Tin Roof years. That’s my take.

  7. I’m not exactly sure but I think Christian Siriano may be gay.

  8. Marilyn wasn’t as curvy as she was made out to be. She was recorded as being 5’5 with weight fluctuating between 117 to 135 at her heaviest. She, too, was padded for some rolls especially when she wore jeans.

    Dress sizes are very different now than they were during Marilyn’s time. Her size 14/16 doesn’t mean she would be today’s size 14/16.

  9. CoCo you bring up another interesting point about Marilyn, she was quite athletic. Interesting thing I read about her is that she was very ahead of her time regarding health and exercise. She was known to lift weights and jog every morning.

  10. She has big Frankenstein titties and she’s voluptious? She’s just fat with big fake titties. Come now?!!?!?

  11. Pippa-London. Lotsa laughs.

    CoCo and Sally, you guys are splitting hairs.

    Marilyn Monroe has become a symbol of the shapely, sexy (as opposed to starved and androgynous) vavavoom, hour-glass female form. Sure, you make an interesting point – maybe she was actually the subtle beginning of a tread away from the shapely female figure. However, she is now used as short-hand for all that was female and shapely.

  12. She’s a classy lady. She’s sexy without looking like a trollop. I wish more young women in real life would adopt the Mad Men style and start dressing like ladies. Put the slutwear away, it’s so last decade.

  13. Yet it’s okay for men to have tattoos? Awesome double standard there.

  14. When I think vavavoom-like curves I don’t think Marilyn I think Jane Russell and Jane Mansfield. Also Betty Page was the epitome of curvy. Marilyn was beautiful in her own right, but not hourglass. She had small breasts compared to Jane Russell.

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