We were first smitten with Irish actor Chris O’Dowd when we saw him in Bridesmaids. He’s the sweetheart kind of guy that women remember. We like him even better now that he’s standing up for his “Friends With Kids” costar Megan Fox. Megan had a falling out with her Transformers director Michael Bay and was fired for speaking out against his treatment of women. (Note: producer Steven Spielberg was on Bay’s side.) The lascivious foul-mouthed Michael Bay is known for being reverential toward his male stars and sexist and demeaning toward his female actors. So men don’t complain about him. His deafening and plotless disaster movies appeal to sixteen year old boys. Nobody stood up for Megan when she criticized Bay and was fired. Until Chris O’Dowd. Chris thinks Megan was badly treated and RIGHT to complain. Chris agreed that “Bay is an a—hole” and added that he would never watch his films, much less act in them.

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  1. It’s rare that anyone connected to Hollywood would come out against the power elite at risk of being blacklisted. They’re more about getting paid an appearance fee for showing up at some public relation “charity event”.

  2. Good for him and even better for Meagan! Her career definately took a hit because of that dick. Hopefully now she can pick her career up where she left off. The old saying, “it all comes out in he wash” so fittingly applies.

  3. Isn’t Hollywood all about backstabbing and casting couch? Nicollet Sheridan is fighting for respect in the courts right now, who is speaking for her?

  4. let’s wait untill they notice me next month LIVE in la, folks!!

  5. Yay for Chris O’Dowd! I’ve always heard that Bay is a total pig towards women also.

  6. Respect to Megan Fox for having the courage to speak out against the creep and Dowd for backing her up. Too bad more celebrities don’t have a backbone instead of brown nosing to be in the latest film by rapists like Woody Allen or Roman Polanski under the guise of ‘great art’ LOL.

    Spielberg has often had misogyny in many of his movies just like Darren Aronofsky and many others. Some people are ignorant enough to believe Hollywood is liberal and alternative but in truth it is controlled by while wealthy males (many of whom seem to be pedophiles and rapists) who turn out mass garbage filled with woman hating and sterotypical images of people of color. Hmmm sounds like the Gangster Rap industry controlled and profited by wealthy whites and sold to primarily angry ignorant middle class yound white boys while degrading women and African Americans. The modern version of blackface.

  7. Yay!! I’ve always wanted to respect Megan and now that I know the truth I can! Go Megan and Chris!!! I will watch ‘Friends With Kids’ for sure!

    BTW, I really think computer graphics (CGI) in movies really ruins it for me. I’d rather see a Set Designers work or an Animators work than a computer coded backdrop/person. Imagine the subliminal messages that could be lurking…lol

  8. it is hard to believe in this age that there are still men that treat women as second class citizens….

  9. All the women that Bay has abused and slurred should take turns slapping him.

  10. WOW!!!!! Is that Lily Tomlin being abused like that????!!!! My GAWD she’s a total professional who’s been in the business forever and this creep is yelling in her face and slamming shit around?! She should have stood up and walk off and let the movie sink, which I think it pretty much did anyway, didn’t it?

    Geez…GO MEGAN FOX! I have total respect for her now in standing up to this freak and also to this Chris O’Dowd for supporting her! As said above, the behind the scenes people need to start letting these kind of “slips” out to the press and maybe these fuckers will get it together if they know that at any minute they will be found out and shut down permanently by the public.

  11. Yes, it is Lily Tomlin and she said later that she talked it out with him and it was worked out. But, Im sure she was just being gracious and professional. No woman should have to endure this abuse. If people were treating any other group this way it would be called out but because it is women its given a pass.

    And this loser creep has went on to make more movies and was even nominated for academy awards a couple years ago. Kind of like letting the rapist Kirk Douglas on the Academy Awards. REPULSIVE.

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