Willie Nelson


Willie Nelson’s son Micah Nelson is a successful singer in his own right, but has thus far resisted the urge to join Twitter. Some creep with bad intentions took advantage of the situation and opened a Twitter account in Micah’s name. He proceeded to contact and befriend fans of Willie Nelson. He chatted about his own music and invited one female fan to a performance HE had scheduled in Denver, implying his father might make an appearance. Then he asked the fan for her bank information so he could generously send her money by direct deposit to pay for “a first class plane ticket to Denver” for the show! She was no fool, and the fan not only recognized the scam and turned him DOWN, but reported him to Twitter and his fake account was closed. The real Micah Nelson and his father were both grateful.

Photo: Facebook


Friday night after his Hollywood Bowl performance, Willie Nelson had a birthday party for his wife at the Sunset Strip club On the Rox .Toby Keith was there and Daryl Hannah was in a corner with some guy, but Jackass Johny Knoxville was the only out of control celebrity. He arrived early and started drinking Bacardi 151 – at 151 proof, perhaps the strongest alcoholic beverage available in America – and highly flammable. Johnny was dancing wildly with at attractive girl who was horrified when Johnny started splashing 151 on the floor and LIGHTING IT! The crowd gasped and some laughed while Johnny repeatedly set the floor on fire. When Knoxville noticed a friend of Willy’s videotaping the fun, he punched the guy in the face. Bouncers broke up the brawl and took Johnny outside to cool off. The girl he was dancing with exited. Johnny staggered back to settle his $21 tab and to the servers shock he left a $150 tip. “Wait till he wakes up tomorrow and realizes what he tipped!” A good time was had by all except the club owner, whose floor was “destroyed.”