One of the perks of living in Southern California is you never know who you might run into at your local grocery store! Since the writers strike has torpedoed his plans to promote his upcoming Aquaman sequel, sexy Jason Momoa is filling his newfound free time promoting his recently launched vodka. We haven’t heard about Jason’s latest business venture until we saw that he’s making an appearance at a Gelson’s (a high end supermarket) in Newport Beach on September 19. We expect a lot of housewives will line up to catch a glimpse of Jason, but it remains to be seen if they’ll buy his vodka. (Speaking of a glimpse of Jason, I had a memorable one back around 2005. I was browsing at the Rose Bowl flea market when I gasped- noticing a very tall and muscular, drop-dead gorgeous man browsing also. I took several steps BACK to take in this incredible vision, and quickly decided this must be the the handsomest man on earth! Then I noticed Lisa Bonet and her mother were WITH him and figured he must be her boyfriend. Needless to say, Jason had no facial hair that day. Since then he keeps that exceptional face covered…with hair.)


Photo: Meili Vodka