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The more we hear about Paula Deen’s comeback, the LESS we want her to come back. Her admitted use of the “n” word caused her business world to collapse for awhile, but was the least of her crimes. Chef Anthony Bourdain called her “The most dangerous person in America.“ He went on to point out that “she revels in unholy connections with evil corporations and is PROUD of the fact that her food is BAD for you.” We happen to think a REAL chef would not promote fatty, sugar-heavy foods, knowing first hand what it does to one’s health. Paula knows first hand because she ate herself into a case of diabetes and hid it from the public. When her disease was revealed she partnered up with a drug company selling diabetes drugs. Paula hides her crimes behind that sweet southern drawl, but don’t let it fool you!


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Can you imagine OJ Simpson contacting the National Enquirer from prison to tell them to leave Paula Deen alone? It happened. OJ felt the need to defend her in the racism scandal: “Give Paula a break – she deserves a second chance.” Apparently Paula was extremely HOSPITABLE to OJ when the double murderer visited her restaurant The Lady & Sons in Georgia in 2002! And THAT is the worst crime of all! She served up a banquet for him and simpered that she never believed he was guilty!! What kind of person rolls out the red carpet for OJ SIMPSON? Suddenly we don’t care if they throw the book at Paula- she’s guilty of gross stupidity at the VERY least. And having OJ Simpson in her corner is about as helpful as having Charles Manson on her side.


Matt Lauer’s fierce and determined interview with Paula Deen in which he didn’t let her squirm out of a single important answer, brought to mind the rumor that he might be in line to take over Piers Morgan’s show on CNN. Today is still lagging in the sweeps and it seems like no one will ever let him forget about the Ann Curry firing. So a nighttime interview show might be looking pretty good to Matt about now. And Piers isn’t exactly breaking any sweeps or popularity records either.

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Okay. That’s enough. Paula Deen has been “punished” more than sufficiently for her verbal blunder. Now that Wal-Mart has dropped her, we’re starting to feel sorry for the woman. We’ve never been a fan of that kind of cooking, and we were not happy about her concealed diabetes and deal with the drug company. Her accent gets on our nerves. But this is a free country and people say stupid things sometimes. We didn’t like what happened to Mel Gibson (another non-favorite of ours) and Paula is being condemned with the same ferocity. She was WRONG, but a sincere apology should be enough. Get over it and stop being so vindictive.


Sometimes there IS justice in this world. TV chef Anthony Bourdain called Food Network cook Paula Deen, 64, “The most dangerous person in America” because she told an obese nation it’s OK to eat food that’s killing us. Paula is finally paying the piper for her southern fried overindulgence. According to RadarOnline, Paula developed type 2 diabetes (associated with fatty foods and obesity) and will no longer be able to indulge in her own unhealthy cooking. She intended to keep the disease a secret but when she started using Novartis for her condition, the drug company offered her a big bucks deal to endorse the drug. So now she gets paid for being sick. We think ANYBODY can make food taste good if they use gobs of salt, sugar and fat, but a really talented chef can make healthy fresh food taste delicious.