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We’re starting to think that Kirstie Alley’s new TV Land series “Giant Baby” is shaping up to be a potential winner. Kirstie plays a Broadway star named Madison Banks, whose long lost son appears in her life after his adopted mother dies, and changes everything. Rhea Perlman plays Madison’s wise-cracking assistant/best friend, and Michael Richards has just been cast to play her limo driver. Richards behavior has long been problematic – we witnessed an incident in a restaurant where he was quite boorish to a fan. But the Seinfeld star IS undeniably funny, and we look forward to seeing this group work together.



seinfeld reunion

Jerry Seinfeld has always insisted there will NOT be a “Seinfeld” reunion, but there WILL be a reunion of sorts when the original cast – Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Jerry, get together on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Larry David, creator of both shows, has written a storyline about the cast attempting to reunite eleven years after the show went off the air. Various members of the Seinfeld cast will appear on five shows during the upcoming 7th season of “Curb.” We will definitely be watching – how about you?


Greed In Hindsight

Rumors are abounding that Michael Richards will get pulled from Cat Tale, where he’s set to do a voice over for the character of Ace.
We bet he wishes he wasn’t so greedy now, and had worked more with Jerry Seinfeld in his spin-off sitcom. Back then NBC says Kramer was too greedy-Richards was offered $600,000 (his final salary on Seinfeld) per episode and he turned the offer DOWN. He wants $750,000 and creative input! Jerry Seinfeld created the character and he also intended to do a lot of the writing for the show, but we don’t see him on the writing credits…



Michael Richards’ tirade at the Laugh factory isn’t the first time he’s LOST IT with minimal provocation. In fact, his nasty temper is legendery. A few years ago he was eating solo at an Italian restaurant on Melrose Avenue when a middle aged couple walked in. The woman spotted “Kramer” and excitedly asked the host if they could be seated at the next table. As they were seating themselves, the woman said “I hope you don’t mind if we sit here – we’re big fans of yours!” To everyone’s shock, Richards roared “YES, I MIND IF YOU SIT THERE! I’m not some animal in the zoo to be stared at!” The scared woman assured him “We’ll sit somewhere else.” He yelled “I don’t give a F— WHERE you go!” She put her hand his shoulder to calm him and he shouted “Don’t touch me!” The terrified couple backed off to a corner and the restaurant paid for their dinner. Everyone was frozen in their seats, terrifed to look, when Michael finished and stood up to leave. But he walked out smiling and said goodbye to the cook. We think it’s time for anger management counseling.


No Scrooge

Not all the stories about Michael Richards are bad.
In 2001 the Seinfeld star was no holiday scrooge. He and a friend were driving home from Las Vegas when they stopped at a convenience store in Barstow, Calif. The despondent store clerk confessed to Michael’s pal that he was having the worst day of his life. He explained he’d bought a car for $300 and when he went to register it he learned it was stolen and he was arrested. It cost him $1000 – his kids Christmas money – to bail himself out. When Michael heard about the depressing story he quietly gave his friend a check for $1300 to give to the miserable clerk.


Longer Than a Sitcom

In 2005, producers of a Zyrtec commercial were shooting on location at a house in Hancock park when they had an unexpected visitor. Michael Richards strolled right onto the set “Looking nothing like his Seinfeld character Kramer – he was wearing a gorgeous suit.” Richards sat down on a director’s chair near the production staff who were watching the monitor and remarked “You know, it’s AMAZING that it takes so many days to film a commercal- longer than a weekly sitcom.” Puzzled heads turned at the familiar voice. It so happened Richards was paying a visit to his girlfriend actress Beth Skipp, who starred in the commercial.

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