Hilary Duff


hilarycut.jpgTo be honest, we never thought we’d see the day when Hilary Duff’s panties were exposed, but it’s already happened. She arrived at her record relase party at The Abbey at such a level of excitement that she blanked out when it came to climbing out of the limo in a graceful manner. Fortunately she WORE panties and they were color coordinated to her outfit so the gaffe wasn’t so apparent. But there they ARE.


hilary_duffcut.jpgLooking good is the best revenge! Hilary Duff is still getting over her split from boyfriend Joel Madden that happened MONTHS ago (he was her first real love, so it takes time) and she was astonished and hurt when he immediately hooked up with Nicole Ritchie. But life goes on and it’s apparent that Hilary has made a full recovery – she has never looked hotter. (Is it the brown hair?) She could pass for Alyssa Milano’s little sister in this photo.


It looks like having a Barbie in her own image caused Hilary Duff to re-evaluate a lot of things. Not only did she decide that she had the wrong boyfriend and get rid of Joel Madden, but she decided her looks could be improved upon. The dollmakers studied her face to recreate it correctly and pointed out that Hilary had a slightly prominent chin. An insider told us that Hil took a close look at herself and called the plastic surgeon. She ended up haing a surgical procedure to soften and modify her strong chin. The result is a sweeter more girlish contour. The recent photo with the hat reveals her new look!


It just leaked out that Hilary Duff’s lookalike Barbie Doll played a big part in her bustup with Joel Madden! Back when Hilary was working closely with the Barbie people to develop the doll, the issue of how important her good-girl image is came up. Hilary was reminded that she must be a good role model for all those little girls buying dolls. Certain people worried about her boyfriend Joel’s rockstar-punk image. Family and friends expressed THEIR concern over Joel’s future – and questioned whether he just riding on successful Hilary’s coattails. It got Hilary to thinking. She really wasn’t happy with her relationship. Finally the Barbie makers brought up the subject of making a ‘boyfriend” doll for Hilary’s doll – like Ken is to Barbie. But they realized they couldn’t make a tattooed pierced rocker doll of Joel, so they dropped the idea. Not long after that, Hilary dropped Joel.


Just as we predicted last July, Joel Madden and Hilary Duff ‘s romance was headed for disaster. And it’s MORE than their eight year age difference. (Joel was Hilary’s first real romance) Money was the big stumbling block. Their incomes are at opposite ends of the spectrum – Hilary is earning millions with her music and acting and Joel’s band Good Charlotte is struggling to make a comeback. And of course, Hilary is out of town most of the time working somewhere, and long separations ignite suspicions. Joel even had Hilary’s bodyguard reporting back to him on her activities. Finally they realized that although they still care about each other, they just weren’t as happy as they used to be, and they called it a day. Still, we suspect a lot of texting will go on before it’s really over.


joel_madden_and_hilary_duff_show.jpgTrouble in paradise for Hilary Duff and Joel Madden. They’re still in love and want to get married, but money is driving a wedge between them. The fact is, Hilary is making MUCH more money than Joel – an insider sniped “She earns more in a week than Joel has in his entire career.” Joel’s band Good Charlotte hasn’t done much in the last three years. Another issue is trust. Hilary is frequently on tour or on location and Joel has her bodygurads reporting her activities back to him. When Hilary is out with the girls and gets someone’s phone number, she writes it on her hand – so Joel can’t find it in her phone. She and her boyfriend have been known to snoop around each other phone books and emails. They’re trying to make it work – but it’s hard when you’re that young and ambitious and in love – ask Justin and Britney.


hduff.jpgLooks like Hilary Duff,18, learned her lesson when she was rounded up with some suspected underage drinkers (see Hilary Busted item) a few weeks back at a Hollywood club. Hilary and her sister Haylie,21, along with several girlfriends, dined at Katsu -Ya in Studio City recently. Big sister Haylie took charge and proceeded to order an assortment of sushi for the table and a round of sake for everyone. She made a point of adding “everyone EXCEPT Hilary , that is.” Hilary didn’t care. She has bigger things on her mind. Like her boyfriend Joel Madden. His band Good Charlotte hasn’ t had much financial success for the past two years and insiders say it’s jeopardizing their relationship.


It’s been kept undercover until now, but Hilary Duff and five other underage girls were nabbed by undercover cops in a sting at Mood recently, and herded outside. Several girls had fake ID’s but Hilary didn’t . She WAS underage in a bar, but luckily they didn’t catch her drinking. She was scared and crying. The cops took the girls to their squad car and called parents. They didn’t arrest the girls – just wanted to scare and humiliate them. Hilary’s mother picked her up. Her boyfriend Joel Madden was secretly delighted when he heard about it. He doesn’t like Hilary going to clubs without him. THAT’S why Hilary has been playing it safe lately. Sometimes she rents a whole club and has a “party” so it’s legal for her to be there underage.