It’s been kept undercover until now, but Hilary Duff and five other underage girls were nabbed by undercover cops in a sting at Mood recently, and herded outside. Several girls had fake ID’s but Hilary didn’t . She WAS underage in a bar, but luckily they didn’t catch her drinking. She was scared and crying. The cops took the girls to their squad car and called parents. They didn’t arrest the girls – just wanted to scare and humiliate them. Hilary’s mother picked her up. Her boyfriend Joel Madden was secretly delighted when he heard about it. He doesn’t like Hilary going to clubs without him. THAT’S why Hilary has been playing it safe lately. Sometimes she rents a whole club and has a “party” so it’s legal for her to be there underage.

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  1. So Hilary Duff was drinking underaged? And still drinks underaged! Does she smoke anything? Thats a question everybody wants to know!

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