hilary_duffcut.jpgLooking good is the best revenge! Hilary Duff is still getting over her split from boyfriend Joel Madden that happened MONTHS ago (he was her first real love, so it takes time) and she was astonished and hurt when he immediately hooked up with Nicole Ritchie. But life goes on and it’s apparent that Hilary has made a full recovery – she has never looked hotter. (Is it the brown hair?) She could pass for Alyssa Milano’s little sister in this photo.

12 thoughts on “HILARY DUFF GOT OVER IT

  1. She ruined her face with those god awful fake teeth.she looks like horse faced rod stewarts ugly daughter now.Mousy brown hair and fake teeth im sure is not making joel miss her.

  2. well he didnt have a problem with her teeth when hey were together! and they look fine she got them done smaller! shes hott!…shes better than the skank on joels side!

  3. wow does she look awful,like a cheap hooker.tacky.what did she do to her face?Her career is near dead anyways.the proof,her new c.d might not even be released here in the states.

  4. Must be a slow day in gossip land if Janet is posting this piece of nonesense. And any guy who dumps Hilary for Nicole is one big stupid moron. Nicole is NASTY. Or, Joel went with Nicole cuz she can get better drugs than Hilary

  5. This girl is just nothing special. She must’ve sucked her way to the top. She’s 100% talent-free as proven on some music show when she performed, off-key, no emotion, bad song.

  6. hi i tink hil is da best to come back with a film and an album just after breakin up wit her long time boyfriend and best friend joel madden!!!

  7. She was so cute when she was blonde and not all skin and bones in the face. That brown hair makes her look like a cheap waitress. No offense to waitresses.

  8. And Nicole Richie is a lollypop head, her head is just giant. Eew. I would be sad if my guy left me and hooked up with lollylady too. Gross.

  9. I hate what she’s done to her face, hair, etc. She used to be so cute.

  10. She looks horrible! Her black hair and her light skin don’t do a thing for her. She has horse teeth the poor girl…..I don’t see hot anywhere on her.

  11. She looks great and Joel moved on fast, but they usually go a step up or two, not down 10 steps and one with def problems!

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