It only took them 3 days but this time our scoop on P. Diddy was picked up and confirmed as an exclusive by none other than CNN! On May 26, we reported that the FBI was on the case and Diddy’s troubles far from over and that the FBI was on the hunt for victims. Three days later CNN confirmed that, but unfortunately without giving us credit. (Please see link below) Our website might have some tech issues, but for a small operation which doesn’t make a profit, it’s still the place for the best scoops. Please tell your friends!


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If Diddy thinks his public apology indirectly addressed to his former girlfriend Cassie is going to be enough to resolve his problems, he’s sorely mistaken. While the statute of limitations has expired on that case, here’s what we know: The FBI has been canvassing across the nation contacting people who might have been secretly filmed in compromising positions at one of Diddy’s parties. They’re leaving cards outside of residences when they can’t make contact, and have over 1000 people as potential victims!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck continue to dominate the headlines as speculation about the current state of their marriage continues. Although we updated you last week, here’s the latest. The couple recently spent a night together at their Beverly Hills home after Ben snuck in to avoid the paparazzi. My source insists the couple are working through this rough spot and actually might wind up living in separate residences but staying married as a way to make their relationship work. It seems they work better when they’re not cohabitating.

Donald Trump’s criminal trial is now in the hands of the jury and here’s the latest. Donald did his best to convince his wife Melania to make even a brief appearance at the trial, with my source saying he offered her a pile of cash. (remember this is a TRANSACTIONAL relationship and not a true love story) Despite the lucrative offer, Melania refused to attend the trial, but we are hearing she might join Donald when the verdict is announced if the offer is tempting enough.

Graceland was almost foreclosed on and now the FBI is involved in the case, as some hanky panky is suspected. We are hearing that members of the Elvis Presley dynasty suspect that Scientology was somehow involved in the plot to take over the iconic tourist attraction. Remember, Lisa Marie Presley distanced herself from the controversial group. While this is just hearsay, my source says that is one of the angles being currently looked into.

Finally, Kim Kardashian made headlines when she met with Gypsy Rose Blanchard to discuss prison reform – but we just heard that’s only half of the story. As we previously reported, Gypsy wants to pursue a career in Hollywood and now Kim’s mom and momager, Kris Jenner, wants to manage Gypsy’s blossoming career. Our source says a reality show is in the works and Kim and Kris are producing.

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The UK Mirror claims to have seen FBI papers that reveal that Michael Jackson paid 35 million dollars in hush money to buy the silence of children he molested over a fifteen year period. The victims numbered over two dozen boys including Jordie Chandler. In the early 90’s after Jordie’s father went public with abuse claims, Michael hired private investigator Anthony Pellicano to make sure no more allegations would pop up. Pellicano arranged to have many families and some of Jacksons employees paid off in exchange for silence. In 2002 the FBI seized Anthony Pellicano’s files after he was accused of racketeering and wiretapping for which he is now serving 15 years in prison. THAT’S how the FBI got the Jackson files. You can’t help but feel sorry for Michael’s kids.

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We’ve long been fascinated by the first FBI Director J Edgar Hoover (from 1935 to his death in 1972) and all the stories about his secret gay proclivities and alleged cross-dressing. Clint Eastwood is intrigued too, and he’s set to direct a biography of Hoover prominently featuring his associate and supposed “lover” Clyde Tolson. The men were inseparable partners but at the time no one DARED question the intimidating Hoover (above right) about his sexual preference. A socialite reported seeing Hoover at a gay orgy dressed in a flouncy black dress, stockings, high heels, and a wig. Another acquaintance thought Hoover was “so straight-laced” that he couldn’t have a normal romantic relationship. Who better to play this many-sided character than Leonardo DiCaprio? Eastwood wants Leo, and he wants Joaquin Phoenix to play Clyde Tolson.