What makes an already famously wealthy person want to appear on a reality show? Candy Spelling certainly doesn’t need the money and everybody knows who she is. We get the feeling she senses that people disapprove of her extravagance sand she wants the world to know what a “nice, normal person” she really is. Hmmm…That’s the only explanation we can come up with for her doing the HGTV show “Selling Spelling Manor.” The show reveals Candy’s dilemma: she has to pack up and move from a 56,600 sq ft, 123 room house to a 16,000 sq ft penthouse condo. Rooms are jampacked with French antiques and her collections of dolls, beanie babies, Aaron Spelling’s scripts. etc. Candy had to pack and leave in 30 days and started to question if she had become an upscale hoarder. She parked mountains of stuff, mostly in boxes, into a 20,000 sq ft storage facility. Unless her kids Randy and Tori go through all those boxes, it might end up on “Storage Wars” in 30 years.

26 thoughts on “CANDY SPELLING – A HOARDER?

  1. Well I’d heard the talk but I never believed she was a hoar until I read it here.

  2. but is she of any importance like her husband was?
    NO, it’s hard to say I’m sorry.

  3. I started watching the show about 1/3 after it started. I must admit I found it facinating and it seemed that maybe old Candy has humbled in the last few years? One thing for sure rich or poor it is very sad to close the door for the last time on your home. But easy to open the new one when you have her dough!

  4. I suspect the idea probably came from her crafty & business minded daughter, Tori.

    Candy (Carole Gene)maybe able to sniff out a man with money (or the potential to make money) but Tori’s mind seems to always be “on” and dreaming up a new avenue to make money. I admire that and her surprisingly almost normal attitude and lifestyle. Shut up, I said “almost.”

  5. I read Candy’s book Stories from Candyland. She feels that she is not a hoarder, but a collector of beautiful things. Either way, reading her book made her a more likable person.

    With a 70,000 sq. ft house, one would definitely accumulate a lot of things just to fill it up. Their house was extreme, but hey, they built it in the 80s. Aaron Spellings hit show Dynasty was one of the #1 shows. The 80’s was all about glitz, glamour & gold. They were living in a fairytale!!

  6. An emotional void and faithless soul will never be filled with material things.

  7. I always thought that house was way over the top for a family of four. And, by the time it was finished the kids were just about grown. It never made any sense to me, but that’s what goes on in Hollyweird.

  8. From the Dept. of You-Can’t-Make-This-Shit-Up:

    Candy is auctioning off her extensive collection of BEANIE BABIES and donating the proceeds to charity, in order to “give back.”

  9. I am confused to why janet thinks candie is hoarder? candie was a wife and mother to a powerful man in show biz. Howcome you dont talk about the one person that bought that monstrosity and what crap she is going to fill the house. How much are the taxes and is she really going to pay it.

  10. agree with chris… auction it all, give it to the hungry children US is full of.

  11. Awww. Only a two-parter? 🙁

    Someone wasn’t thinking BIG enough. That hag and THAT house were made for reality TV.

    “Candy and Company: It’s a Sweet Life!”
    Premise: After that kunt with all the kids gets canned from her desperation “weathergirl” job at “AM North Dakota,”
    she and her expanding* brood are made homeless.

    Out of the goodness of her heart, Candy offers them refuge—and each week viewers are treated to the hijinks that ensue when the kids methodically DESTROY every inch of the
    Manor and its contents, simultaneously clog every one of its 27 toilets, etc. These episodes really write themselves! 🙂

    *Unbeknownst to Candy (but not the viewers!), Kate has continued to get secret fertilization treatments on the sly.

    The resulting additions to her litter provide material for years of “Candy and Company” and its related spin-offs, and dovetail nicely when Kate also appears on a very special (sweeps week) episode of Dr Drew: “My Garage-Sized Uterus and I Are Addicted to Attention.”

  12. “simultaneously clog every one of its 27 toilets,..”

    I find the thought of that sickening and menacingly humorous. Evidentally, I am warped and drawn to this site.

  13. I can relate. I’ve got 1200 sq. ft., one bathroom, and five boxes of crap in the garage.

  14. “Menacingly humorous”. Welcome Edith, you’re among friends here!

  15. what a “dilema” ….no wonder the rest of the world hates our guts….this is putrid.

  16. I always found that style of decorating (??) hard to look at and can’t imagine being raised amongst an amount that large of that over the top syrupy sweet embellished satiny crap. How her husband didn’t put a huge foot up her ass as soon as she first started asking for that monstrosity of a “house” boggles the mind.

  17. You guys have me laughing,

    “very special (sweeps week) episode of Dr Drew: “My Garage-Sized Uterus and I Are Addicted to Attention”


    “How her husband didn’t put a huge foot up her ass as soon as she first started asking for that monstrosity of a “house” boggles the mind.”

  18. Hey I don’t begrudge the Spellings’s their money; there will always be obnoxiously wealthy people. The show was a blast to watch BTW and I actually enjoyed it. On a very small scale I saw my self with the same dilemmas. We spend the first half of our lives accumulating stuff and the second half getting rid of it. I sell door to door and see very poor people with stuff piled to their ceilings? What’s the difference?

    Is that copywritten Miss Nice?
    Oh my god, I can’t wait to use that verbage !
    REta, I’ve missed you so much! I am so happy to see you are back with us! Big kisses and hugs. I love you.

  20. Patrick, it’s all yours.

    And I know you’ll only use it nicely! 😉

  21. Didn’t some British heiress already buy this house, I thought I read that somewhere

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